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I have eyes.  I don’t usually feel the need to tell people that, but it has come to my attention recently that there have only been about three or four pictures taken of me in my entire life that show my eyes.  The reason for this is not a tendency on my part to sleep through holidays and family events; it’s the fact that flashes on cameras tend to be less than ideal for showing people in a flattering light.  The flash pops up and shoots out a pool of light that’s as bright as a police search light, which is not only shocking, but it’s also unflattering.  It makes people in the foreground look washed out and people in the background look like shadows.  And then there are people like me who see a flash and are completely incapable of keeping their eyes open.  Do yourself and everyone you take pictures of a favor this holiday season and use a Lightscoop or give one as a gift!  What a perfect way to make sure people remember the holidays fondly- make them look forever gorgeous in the family photo albums!

Lightscoop is an inexpensive, clever attachment that transforms the awful light from your pop-up flash into pro-quality light.  Many people find that when they use their pop-up flash on their dSLR camera they usually get shockingly bad photos:  red eyes, uneven lighting, and the cave effect I mentioned before in which people closer to the flash are washed out and white, while those further away are dark and hard to see.  While an external flash is certainly a solution, most people aren’t that technical, nor do they want spend a small fortune on an external flash, or for that matter, lug one around.  Luckily now they don’t have to!  By redirecting the light from the pop-up flash to a ceiling or wall, Lightscoop creates a broad, natural light that eliminates unattractive shadows and red-eye and minimizes reflections off shiny surfaces.  It also lights a group of people evenly, so those farthest from the camera are not lost in darkness.  The result is soft, natural, flattering light, which is perfect because after a long day of cooking and entertaining we need all the flattering we can get!  Lightscoop produces photos that capture a scene the way you see it.  It would make an excellent gift for the photographer in your family, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor in the long run.  No longer will you be the one in all the pictures with the half-closed red eyes and the pasty skin.  So put the Lightscoop on your shopping list and help everyone look their best this holiday season! ($29.95)

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