My name is CC and I am in an abusive relationship. There I said it. I am in an abusive relationship with my shoes. The more they tear apart my toes, the more blood that is drawn, the swelling that starts in five minutes – I continue to wear my stiletto heels. Not only do I continue to wear them – my love increases for them by the hour – HELL, I have even constructed individual tufted homes for each pair to ensure their comfort. But what about me? Have I lost site to MY comfort and the needs of my tootsies. Thanks to Dr. Suzanne Levine, I might not have to go to SLA (Shoe Lovers Anonymous) just yet.

Loub Job with my Red Bottoms, Please

Dr. Suzanne Levine, board-certified podiatric surgeon and author of Your Feet Don’t Have to Hurt, is performing a revolutionary cosmetic procedure called the ‘Loub Job’ as foot beautification becomes increasingly popular. To sport the trendy footwear seen on runways , woman are turning to Dr. Levine, the founder of Institute Beaute in New York City, for the ‘Loub Job’, a procedure involving Sculptra Injections that provide cushioning for foot soles. Coined ‘Loub Job’ because the procedure is sought after by women who want to wear fashionable footwear, the treatment provides high heel lovers an increased level of comfort.

The ‘Loub Job’ procedure consists of collagen injections to the toe pads, heels, and balls of feet creating a pillow-like result. The collagen also helps lubricate the foot joints to avoid any further injury from high heeled shoes. The painless treatment is done under a fluoroscope and takes about 20 minutes. The procedure runs between $500 – $1,500 and lasts for up to a year …allowing women to strut their ‘Loubs’ in comfort through 2 seasons of Fashion Week.

“My patients love the Loub job and come back religiously every year for it. The treatment lets them wear their sexy heels with ease and even exercise without discomfort in their feet,” says Dr. Levine. “My goal is to help women look and feel their best and this procedure does just that.”

Dear Santa,

It is me, CC. My list is simple this year. One pair of new Louboutins under the tree, paired with a ‘Loub Job’ by Dr. Suzanne Levine.

Love Always,
Shoe Loving, Feet Hurting

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