By Miribelle
Every once in a while, I need to be pampered. I need a massage, a manicure, and a pedicure so good that I giggle out loud from the scrubbing (truly torture). However, this dare-to-be-great-wanna-be-superstar struggling New Yorker doesn’t always have the funds to be pampered once-a-week (even with a kick-ass internship at Christabelle’s Closet!). So I take my at-home spa days very seriously. I am now OBSESSED with my new Upper Canada Soap’s Peppermint Foot Therapy Soothing Foot Mud Mask.

But you know me…I wouldn’t blog about it unless it worked absolutely perfectly. So I thought of the ultimate test…I tried the product on BOY FEET. Now I know some men out there take “manscaping” very seriously and have beautiful, smooth feet. But in my experience, I have come across more uber-yucky, want to run for the border man-feet that I’d like to admit. So I found a lad to be my lab rat (well, really-cute-Jake Gyllenhaal-look-alike lab rat). Before I was able to facilitate my test, I first had to promise his anonymity, to prepare meals (a choice of Velveeta mac and cheese, burgers or steak) before the next 5 Mets games, and watch the game in its entirety without complaining, while wearing a foam finger. It is a tall order, but worth it for the sake of testing out beauty products for the greater good of man & woman kind (insert dramatic music).

So He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and I went off to the bathroom (in Hogwarts no less!) to try my new fave foot mud mask. As I super-excitedly explained how the zinc oxide and bentonite in the mask draw out toxins (I’ve been doing my homework), he slathered on the pink putty for a good 5 minutes, chuckling to himself. He even commented on the pleasant pepperminty aroma that filled the bathroom! “The peppermint and menthol help promote circulation in addition to waking up your nasal passages” I explained to the rat. After the mud dried and we de-pinked our feet, I was ready with pen in hand to hear his reaction. “I can’t believe you just made me do that…you better go food shopping soon and buy me some steaks…I bet it didn’t even wor…OOOOO, they’re so soft!” I kid you not. This stuff actually silenced the nameless beast. It passed the test! Upper Canada Soap & Candle Makers’ Peppermint Foot Therapy Soothing Foot Mud Mask can truly work for any set of hoofers – male, female and in between.  Mr. Nameless might just be getting the Peppermint Foot Therapy for Men Deodorant Foot Stick under the menorah this year for being such a good guinea pig!

Get yourself some peppermint-ulous products for yourself…keep his paws off your products by getthing him his own set!


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