By Miribelle
As a confident, college-educated (go Terps!) 22-year old, I can proudly say that I still have my baby blanket. I promise I’m normal young adult though– I wait outside in the cold for the Barney’s Warehouse Sale  (if you consider that normal), go out for drinks with my friends (if you’re in DC, try the margaritas at Lauriol Plaza, they’re the best!) and eat cold pizza for breakfast on Sunday mornings. Many question my attachment to this ratty, almost-not-pink-anymore piece of cloth.  It’s okay, you can make fun. Laugh, chuckle and giggle your heart out. But I’ll tell you one thing…my mom quieted my mini-Miri cries a heck of a lot faster than most by just giving me Blankie (yes, her name is Blankie!).

So for all you moms and dads out there, I highly recommend introducing your new cutie to a blankie. When researching for this blog (one of the Fashionista Belles is pregnant! Christabelle and I want only the best for the new baby Belle), I was a very harsh critic until I came across the Hugs and Kisses Blanket and in I fell in love (though don’t let Blankie know!). The blanket is designed to hold the scent of the mother/father, so when the parents are away, the baby can be still be comforted by their scent. It is especially helpful for newborns because (now let’s all be mature here) the mother’s amniotic fluid and skin have the same scent, comforting the baby in the outside world right after birth. Just sleep with the blanket for 3-7 days so it absorbs your scent (for up to 3 months!) and then let your little one go to town! ADDED BONUS: A portion of the proceeds from this item are used to send Hugs and Kisses Blankets to deployed troops so that their little kiddies can be comforted from their scent, even if they’re really clear across an ocean. Custom made to order, they come in a variety of colors (red, blue, pink and more), so the blankets can match any designer nursery you can think of and for a mere $40 your special bambino can too own the “it” baby gift. Not to mention they are the perfect size for tucking into a car seat or crib and can turn your toddler into Linus within minutes.

And just because your little one isn’t wearing pigtails and barrettes anymore doesn’t mean that blankie needs to be given away! My expert advice (mind you I took one psych class in college) is to let your child decide when he/she is too old for blankie. Curious to see if I was just a normal young adult that happened to have a blankie or a crazy person, I had my sister consult with her med school psych professor (from Columbia no less…he MUST be reliable).  He said that if its not interfering with their social life or normal teenage/20s/30s (call me in 10 years, I bet I’ll still have it) functioning, why not keep it around for comfort? In my experience, most regret giving away their blankie/teddy/He-Man action figure/nappy/baba anyway.

So if you’re about to pop, want to help a friend with an incessantly crying baby, going to your eighth baby shower this month or want to congratulate the Afflecks on their bun in the oven, do the new babe a fave and buy a Hugs and Kisses Blanket for $40 each. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Hugs and Kisses Blanket is available for sale at

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  1. Lisa Akers

    Thank you for the great review, Christina. I wanted to let you know that I have now been able to update the shipping time to 4 weeks. Each of these blankets is hand knit to order by me, so you’ll always get the blanket you want!

  2. Haley

    I make my own blankets(good quality fleece ones) and in my expeiriance(8 kids worth) homemade is always better because when the time comes and your little one asks you how their blanket came to be, isn’t it much more meaningful when they hear that you made it? I don’t know maybe its just me….

  3. Leticia Herr

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