Color Guru Beth Minardi Brings Life Back to My Locks…and she can do the same for you!

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Studio B Salon, Beth Minardi NYC

After a long summer, I felt the need to add some pizzazz back to my lifeless, fried locks.  Obsessive-compulsive about my hair (in every respect of the word), I was apprehensive about over-processing my hair (I dye my roots religiously every two weeks, which I know can’t be very good for my hair helath). Fear no more, as I got the opportunity to have none other than Color Guru to the stars Beth Minardi of Studio B in NYC transform me from beach bum to autumn goddess.  With the help of one VERY talented color magician and her trusted team of exceptional hairstylists…in three short hours, I walked onto the streets the Upper East Side looking like a supermodel (albeit, a petite supermodel)…but a supermodel nonetheless. She might be a hair wizard, but she can’t make me grow a foot taller…or can she…

Studio B is an expression of modern luxury. Walking into this salon, you know you have entered into a hair oasis for the elite. From the clean modern space set inside of the charm of NYC brownstone…to the positive energy exuded from everyone inside, you feel special from the moment you step through tStudio B Salon, Beth Minardi NYChe front door. The brainchild of star hair designer Sam Brocato and haircolor icon Beth Minardi, this intimate townhouse salon, located just steps off Park Avenue, offers clients a complete range of haircutting, texturizing and styling, coupled with matchless hair color enhancement.  Ranging from the most natural to fashion-forward, their expertise combines to give you the unique image you desire and to improve the health, shine and beauty of your hair.

Beth consulted with me prior to starting – discussing the look I wanted to achieve…it was as if she were the hair whisperer. She knew what I wanted before I could even get the words out. Subtle color definition to break of my rather monotonous flat color. Something that looked a bit golden without being

Studio B Salon, Beth Minardi NYC

Studio B Salon, Beth Minardi NYC – AFTER

red…almost a bit haphazard…breathtakingly natural and for lack of better words “me” but better. And then the games began. With the help of Michelle Aileen …three hours of foiling, carefully lifting my hair, three strategically mixed color glazes and the most incredible blow-out later (thank you, Stephen!), we achieved hair perfection. People actually stopped me on the street asking about my hair…that was a first.

As if her talent in coloring locks wasn’t enough, Beth Minardi also created a full signature line of hair care and hair color…Maintain your beautiful color at home with one of my favorite Minardi products:

Minardi System 1 Weightless WashWeightless botanical blend, including vegetable and plant proteins, rosemary, geranium, Vitamin B5 and jojoba oil, gently cleanses, protects and nourishes hair to ensure color stays brilliant and lasts. Leaves hair silky-smooth, shiny and manageable without weighing it down.

Upgrade your look this fall with Studio B and enjoy your own spectacular hair-gasm…tell them Christabelle sent you!

132 E 61ST 2 FL

Service Hours: Tuesday – Saturday / 10am-8pm

For more information visit, Follow them on twitter @StudioBNYC

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