George Michael would DEFINITELY not have minded having a monkey on his baby’s back if they were THESE set of monkeys! No doubt – he would have embraced them – the way that I have.

It is thanks to my friend Lanie and her husband George that I fell in love with New Zealand’s finest Sauvignon Blanc  – MONKEY BAY! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on an amazing and aromatic white wine, when Monkey Bay gives you everything you need for under $10 per bottle. Yes – you heard me correctly. And for all of you wine snobs out there…don’t turn your nose up until you have at least taken one sip – I can bet it won’t be your last.  Light yellow in colour, with green tints and brilliant clarity, this fruity vino smells like a bouquet of ripe grapefruit, kiwifruit and pineapple. It is a charming and elegant wine – one that displays intense varietal character. Crisp and refreshing, with vibrant flavours of ripe citrus and tropical fruit, the palate has excellent weight and length. And if you don’t trust me (which you should since you are reading this blog!) – the February 2008 issue of Wine Spectator named Monkey Bay BEST BUY and 87 POINTS. Enough said – now go get a bottle for yourself (and send me one as a thank you for turning you onto it) – MONKEY BAY, $9.49

Don’t waste an ounce of your precious wines (especially Monkey Bay!) with the most adorable wine stoppers on the market – the Alessi Banana Boys trio of bottle stoppers. Featuring three different facial expressions (See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say No Evil), these endearing wine stoppers make for a great gift! Designed by  Stefano Giovannoni whose whimsical style and penchant for vibrant colors are very apparent in the hand-decorated “Banana Boys” set – these little monkeys are certain to bring a smile to any wine (or monkey) lover’s face! Drop these primates in a stocking, under a tree or beside a Chanukah bush – Alessi Banana Boys – Set of Three Bottle Stoppers, $36 at CSN Stores.

Every monkey needs a home! Now you can bring a bottle of wine (or two) to your next dinner party wrapped in an Original Sock Monkey Wine bag. With button eyes and a crooked, drunken smile, your bottle of wine will never be more of conversation piece. And with a presentation like the Sock Monkey – you will no doubt be on the list for the next dinner party – the top of the list. Get this cutie patootie wine sleeve for a mere $15 at Baron Bob.

img_15661“Do you love your monkey or do you love me?”…Sorry George – I love the MONKEYS!! Especially this one (sorry – shameless plug for my little boyfriend ZACH).


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