No More Jelly Belly Bulge…by AliBelle

Having beautiful, healthy babies is a blessing…having the muffin top over my jeans that comes along with it – is NOT. During a recent press event in NYC, Christabelle immediately phoned me in Maine to bring the HOTTEST new under-outer garment to hit the market onto my New England radar. A shapewear that not only smoothes the bumps, lumps, nooks and crannies…but is fashionable, chic and even comes in nursing styles!  I was sold just talking to her, but when the samples to review arrived…I cried out in joy that FINALLY someone figured it out…that  someone is Heather Thomson – the stunning (seriously, she is gorge!) genius behind Yummie Tummie.

As a former fashion designer, celebrity stylist, creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John line,  labels launched by Beyoncé Knowles as well as Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface brand and a mommy of two, Heather understands the needs of both celebrities and consumers.

Yummie Tummie is the first shapewear that’s comfortable, sexy and meant to be seen! When Heather became frustrated with the existing shapewear options available to her and her clients – all of which compressed the bust, didn’t stay in place, were horribly uncomfortable and hideous to behold – she schemed, sketched, cut and sewed to come up with an ingenious solution to a universal problem: No matter how young, fit and slender you are, a so-called “muffin top” or tummie bulge will rear its ugly head. And usually at the worst times!  I can recall hideous shapewear we used in college for our formals. At the end of the night, there was a pile of them in the garbage can in the ladies room – NO ONE wanted to be caught wearing “THAT” in the dark…my grandmother wouldn’t even be caught dead wearing those old-school girdles. 

The effects of Yummie Tummie are dramatic, both physically and mentally. You will look better, feel more confident, and stand taller. Think of Yummie Tummie as a tank top or T-shirt on steroids: that favorite, super-soft, lightweight cotton wardrobe staple you wear alone or under everything you own. From your bust up and your hip bones down, it is exactly that. But, made with a patent-pending dual fabric technology, its extra bonus comes from its same-tone, firm control midsection panel, which smoothes and shapes your tummie and hips, eliminating pounds off your appearance, and camouflaging any lumps and bumps.

Because that panel is made with a microfiber fabric that actually wicks moisture away, you will always feel cool and comfortable. And, it never, ever rolls, rides up or pushes your “blub” to other locations. It is made with sleek yarns that do not cling, so you can wear it under anything. Yummie Tummie is truly a fabulous undergarment that can be worn each and every day as a foundation, a layering piece, or even on its own.

Get me one of EVERYTHING – EVERY STYLE, EVERY COLOR and STAT…I have never felt thinner, lighter, smoother and sexier.  Get your Yummie Tummie, Tushie, Ta-Tas

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