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Things that need to be under the tree – for ME.

Aztec Snake Clutch

The Aztec Snake Clutch (white snake skin, black ink) from Comes With Baggage is one of those ME ME ME presents. All items are one-of-a-kind, passionately re-made in New York City (and sometimes in Brooklyn – but never by hipsters). All bags are silk screened by hand with extreme care to ensure originality and creativity – which means we need to keep our panties from getting in a bunch while we wait patiently for this to be created from scratch. This also means, if  you wanted to buy this for me for Christmas, you should probably order it now to get it in time for under the tree (3 week lead time).

Another reason to love this clutch? It is made and sold by a company who includes this witty rhetoric in their product descriptions (they get points with me for the splash of humor):

Please note: all items are vintage (like your grandma) and may have imperfections due to their age (also like your grandma). So don’t complain, it makes them that much more unique! Color may vary on different monitors and in different lighting. But make sure you want it before you click, because Comes With Baggage Clutches are final sale and 100% non-returnable.

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