I am a fan of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter et al…The popularity of online social media has created one of the trendiest forms of expression: sharing emotions in real time via message boards, statuses, or tweets. This generation of internet users has embraced the opportunity to share their lives with the online world. Enter Oops…..I’m Sorry (www.oopsimsorry.com), the interactive website and market leader in online confessionals. Yes…a place to cleanse your wrong-doings on the internet!

This website is a social media tool with a focus: helping people move past the things that didn’t quite go as planned. The free and easy-to-use website allows members, under a user name, to post an “Apology To” message, letting people know they care about something that went wrong, an “Apology Due” message where they can express feelings of anger or hurt caused by someone else’s actions, or post a “Confession,” anonymously, as a way for members to get things off their chest. Lastly, through the “Virtual Conscience” members can send positive, guiding, supportive messages anonymously to help others manage the “oops” in life. The message boards empower users to share their thoughts and feelings without hesitation, no matter what time of day. They eliminate the fears associated with speaking face-to-face and let others see they too are not the only one who makes mistakes.

The unique and interactive nature of Oops…..I’m Sorry allows members to deal with their dilemmas by simply acknowledging them and the feelings they’ve inspired or with the help of other members’ support and guidance. Letting go of anger or resentment can improve one’s well-being – whether you giving or receiving forgiveness. Online social websites providing message boards for people to deal with life’s trials have been quickly embraced. Oops…..I’m Sorry has thousands of members and growing. Don’t you have something to get off your chest? I am about to post an apology to an “ooops” I did over 20 years ago and believe it or not – I actually feel a bit of salvation.

Check out www.OopsImSorry.com and get it off your chest! Saying “I am sorry…” has never been so easy.

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