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I have been a crafty geek since I was a kid…those of you who have known me for life can recall my first company “Khrys Kollectibles” – my friendship bracelet making company.  Apparently, I had not discovered my love of  “CC” at the age of 9 and “KK” (perhaps a psychic prelude to the Kardashian empire) was all the rage…as was swapping a “y” or an “i”.  I digress…though a creative bug runs through my veins, I am eternally fascinated with the amazing finds on Etsy (best website – EVER!).

My newest ETSY obsession…

My love this week from Etsy comes from Coastal Moss…I actually just bought the little orange guy for my coffee table and couldn’t be more delighted at his modern Eames Era feel. I love him.  Anyone have suggestions on names? Please leave in the comments section below.

From Coastal Moss: This mini modern centerpiece has been made from a recycled toy. The planter has been painted thoroughly and sealed with care.This plant needs little care to survive. so please only feed a small amount of water a week.This planter is made with organic soil, succulent, forest moss & lichen that I have collected from the coastal redwood forest I live in.

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