By: Miribelle
Last year, my dentist retired. He was the sweetest old man—always told me jokes as he shot me with Novicane and gifted me an apple as I left the office (not as good as a Tootsie Pop, but it’ll do). Needless to say, I was very sad to see him retire to Florida, but my sadness melted like salt on snow when I went to my July check-up and saw that the NEW dentist in the office was Dr. Blue Eyed Hunky DDS.

Sandy blonde hair, turquoise eyes and an I-did-crew-in-college body, I was suddenly looking forward to being poked and prodded with sharp dental tools – Mc Conaughey style (if only he had peeled off those scrubs). And that is exactly why I am now a full supporter of monthly dental visits. My insurance company, on the other hand, wasn’t as zealous about my periodontal plans. As I recall it went something like this – “We ain’t paying for it”. Alas, I can only go and see my Prince Incisor twice a year. Damn you Aetna!

My enthusiasm was noted in the office and apparently got back to Dr. Hunky. He was so impressed that I shared in his love of  keeping the ole’ choppers squeaky clean year round, he recommended that I try the new Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste in between visits (SRP $3.99 at drug, grocery and mass stores). It comes out in September, but because he is a dental deity, he was given a few samples, which he passed onto me his “best patient.” Score! While at first I was just interested in seeing his sparkling blue eyes every month, I started looking forward to the blue tube of toothpaste in my bathroom (perhaps even more than him!).

Now, Monday morning arrives, and I come bounding into the office with my own private theme song ringing in my head, smiling after my Sunday night session with my Crest Weekly Clean! So fresh – so clean – I keep running my tongue over the top of my teeth in admiration of my handy work. Just a few short minutes and my pearly whites feel like Dr. Hunky had his way with them. The ingredients of this home-kit, ActivClean Crystals and polishing silicas, worked in harmony to leave my mouth sparkle-icious and even helped to lift my Starbucks stains (I really need to start weaning myself off my vente skim lattes). For all of you, well, less than hygienic folks out there, this is not a substitute for brushing your teeth after every meal. Don’t be gross…this is used in CONJUNCTION with your routine brushing. Did I mention – don’t be gross

While I’m still a bit melancholy that I can’t see Doctor Blue Eyes all the time, I can at least impress him with my super-clean and oh-so fabulous Cheshire grin twice a year. Impress your dentist at your next check-up with Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste…in stores September 2008.

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