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Let me start off his post by saying I AM A HUGE ANIMAL LOVER. Let me also say, that this is a pro-fur post, so if you are a member of PETA or an animal rights activist, I suggest you skip to the next post. I do not condone the ill treatment of animals (or humans for that matter), but if an animal was killed before I was even born or without my knowing, shouldn’t I at the very least pay homage to it?

There, I said it.

Ava Gardner circa 1940’s

There is nothing like fur. Nothing. Dress it with a pair of Louboutins and you can rule the world, walk on water and make diamonds out of raindrops. Seriously.

I have always felt I didn’t belong in this era…women of the 1940’s always seemed to appeal to me more.  In my world, a dress is always first choice over pants or jeans. I always dress up for to attend the theater or church, no matter WHAT the remainder of the population decides to pull out of their hampers that morning.  I will ETERNALLY expect a man to offer me his arm, help me with my coat and open a door for me.  I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume behind my ears and at the nape of my neck. And when appropriate, I will adorn my hair with something fancy (be it flowers, a brooch,  or a necklace).  I would rather have people stare at me because I am the most over-dressed woman shining in the center of the room…not because I am the most under-dressed slob in the corner of the room.

Lifestyle Blogger Christina Carathanassis, channeling Ava Gardner in my $25 vintage blonde mink

Channeling Ava Gardner in my $25 vintage blonde mink stole

There was a pure elegance to the women of this time…an air of modest class and fluid charm. Women were ladies…men were chivalrous gentlemen…the world may not have been a perfect place, but folks walked around dressed to the nines, as if they lived a spotless existence.

So when the holiday season came upon us, I realized it was time to STOP borrowing all the furs my mother has collected through the years and invest in my own. I hear you thinking ‘Christina, that is an expensive decision…’ indeed, you are correct. Unless, you are me, who can find amazing deals on just about anything. Where there is a will, there is a way…and if I want it, I have to have it.

When I came upon a small thrift store in downtown NYC and found a breathtaking 1940’s, authentic, blonde mink stole in PRISTINE condition, that fit my body as if cut for me…well, I knew it was kismet.  Without a loose hair, stitch or an odious “basement” smell to be found, I looked at the inner pocket to find that the previous owner’s monogrammed initials were but one letter off from my very own.  It was meant to be.

And so be it. For $25, that furry charmer came back to the Upper West Side with me. I now channel Ava Gardner whenever I damn well please. Perhaps even when I wear it to bed…don’t judge.

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