Neighborhood exclusive: Eytys

Talking about my generation

Eytys is a unisex sneaker with confident proportions – more gritty pavement than polished runway. It’s a product manifestation of our generation: born in the boom years of the 80s, grew up with the street culture of the 90s, and subsisted on a heavy diet of inspiration – which has always been a click away.

Being part of this Generation-Y has given us the confidence to create Eytys – our interpretation of the perfect sneaker. But equally important is the idea of a platform on which Eytys stands; a platform through which we wish to connect, interact with and highlight creative people we admire. Eytys is a celebration to Multidisciplinary Creativity.

Launched in 2013 and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

About The Author


A few of my favorite things: ?red bottomed soles ~ boys in bands ~ psychics ~ barrel curls ~ being by the water ~ fresh Hydrangea ~ October ~The Catcher in the Rye ~ tater tots ~ road trips ~ cooking ~ fireworks ~ jewelry in my hair ~ red & purple Skittles ~ kissing ~ belly laughing ~ emerald green ~ dinner parties ~ my Peke Ernie ~ my initials: CC ~ serendipity ~ the Chrysler Building ~ Greece/Italy (my roots) ~ The Garden State ~ almond scented anything

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