I have always been what my boyfriend affectionately refers to as “his little oven” – I am hot all the time. I cause equator-like heat under the sheets and am not opposed to turning on the air conditioning in the middle of February. Blame my Greek/Italian heritage…I am hot blooded…in every sense of the word. That is until about one month ago…where I turned the opposite side of the spectrum into the land of the North Pole. I am cold all the time…and it is ONLY fall (70 degrees at that). A concern indeed, since last winter (still in my “hot” phase), my UGG boots were what got me through the nippy weather of ’07.

So, alas, I had to take my banged up UGGly boots out of the closet to start wearing them WAY too early. Though as comforatble as can be, I just hate the way the rounded boots make me look like I just stepped out of a clown car. And they hardly stood the test of time, as they looked like my Ford Escape Hybrid had run over them multiple times during summer hibernation – the cushiony pulp busting out of the seams. I went on a mission to find something just as snuggly on the inside (waterproof would be nice), but with a bit more pizazz and a lot more style and comfort (and obviously a little more warmth). 

My Nancy Drew sleuthing brought me to SOREL, where I found and fell in deep love with their NEW winter boot called KASKA. A tall suede boot with an optional roll down cuff and adorable details at the ankles (and an oh-so-Viking tie straps around the feet). These chocolate brown hotties (color is called Stout…makes you want to drink a Sam Adams doesn’t it!?) from SOREL have everything I need – STYLE and COMFORT (no more clowning around!), INSULATION (can we say SHEARLING?), and  SNOW AND RAIN RESISTANT (waterproof, soft suede and full grain leather with waterproof/breathable bootie construction). So know I can keep my tootsies toasty whether I am treading tundras or bobbing down Broadway. No more UGGly footwear for me! I can wear these trendy boots with skirts and dresses, as well as tuck them into my skinny jeans. I feel like perhaps this year I have a shot at being voted “SNOW QUEEN” and my Sorel Kaska’s are coming for a ride on the float with me. Available on-line at and at Modell’s Sporting Goods retailers nationwide (SRP $184 – in Stout and Toast).

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