Pack Your Personals…by TeenieBelle

It has happened to all of us (at least us girls that is)…you open your purse to pass along a business card or grab a pen and out flys a tampon. Or you hide a tampon up your sleeve to use the public bathroom and it falls into the toilet before you get a chance to even open it!  Embarrassing for all involved no doubt.  Fortunately for us, Christina Rein has introduced Moodeez  and comes to our rescue with a new line of fashionable, feminine protection cases that offer a discreet, trendy way to tote our tampons.

No more frowning in dismay as you find open, unusable tampons in your purse. No more reaching into your purse to get a tampon, only to find that the plastic has opened and now it’s dirty (Yikes!) and you have to toss it away. …Modeez bags are designed to protect and organize your tampons, pads, and panty liners – stylishly, of course! Moodeez will hold 4-5 tampons, a couple of panty liners or a pad, and can even stow feminine wipes and other products for your personal parts.

Buy one for your bag, one for your office drawer, one for the car and one for your newly inaugurated into the “Menstrual Club” teen…For $14.95 per bag, offered in 12 trendy designs,  you can get one to match every purse you own…

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