I love testing products in unlikely situations, so I put on my creative thinking cap with this post and put forth what I like to call the sexy-sniff-off… a friendly competition between three boys in order to test the “come hither” factor for the  new . And so it was decided…I picked 3 lucky boys to wear three newly launched Axe body spray scents Amber, Vetyver and Bergamot, to endure my analysis and questioning for a night on the town.


Dave (AMBER) a proud metrosexual, fitness-freak real estate agent was spritzed with Amber (it’s sporty undertones matched nicely with his persona).


Mike (VETYVER) a wanna-be rocker, long shaggy haired hippy was spritzed with Vetiver (it’s Earthier, almost vegetation undertones matched his “grungy” persona).


Rob (BERGAMOT) a future Senatorial snob, scotch on the rocks drinker was spritzed with Bergamot (it’s sweet, just stepped off the Cape undetones were dead-on with his persona).




Have fun with them all, love them all and most importantly, make fun of them all. But I wanted to get 3 extreme personalities to put Axe to the real test. Which guy can attract more girls AND get the most numbers with his sensual scent?


Our night out on the town started at Galway Hooker (check it out…great scene). For being my guinea pigs, I treated (well, Christabelle did!) them all cosmos…I mean bourbon and cokes. And they were off! I made them mingle and then like fleas to a dog, the chicks started rolling in! A girl came up to Amber and he managed to get a number. But right after, Vetyver managed to match it. And then, right out of Sex and the City, a girl in a scrunchie came up to Bergamot. Thick southern accent, big bangs and all! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the south. I’d love to live in Texas or Louisiana some day. But I couldn’t resist the uncanny resemblance to Carrie and Berger fighting over whether or not New Yorkers wear scrunchies. Anyway, I played it sly and went up to each girl to see what they thought of the Axe boy’s tantalizing scents.


Amber lady said “Yea, I know, he did smell good. It was light cologne…so I know he wasn’t trying TOO hard to impress every girl here.” Ms. Vetyver exclaimed, “You noticed it too? He actually smelled like my ex…the only positive thing I associate with him.” Eeek. As the rest of the night went on, Bergamot caught up and everyone evened out for the most part. But about 2 hours in, Bergamot shot up to the moon! Each time as I attempted to get friendly feedback from the ladies, Bergamot had overwhelming positive chatter. After tallying the scores, with last call on the horizon , I bought my boys a thank you Jager shot. It was definitely a clear winner…Bergamot was the overwhelming favorite!


So if your boy needs a makeover for the nose (your nose of course), I vote buying all three new scents from and have your own private sniff-off.  Get them all at for $4.99 each…

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