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I am often asked about my beauty regimen. I am asked even more frequently about my absolute “I die”-like-Rachael-Zoe-favorite-beauty-products…with the exception of a few tried and true, my beauty bag turns over quite a bit with new faves. So it has always been a toughie to answer. The truth is – there are some pretty fabulous products on the market and new ones popping up faster than bunnies in the spring.

With Fashion Week in full swing, I have been flooded with how I am surviving (it is Saturday night at 11:48 pm – does that answer your question – I am working!). But thankfully, my beauty stash is helping to keep me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as I live the life of a crazy little lifestyle blogger – during New York Fashion Week.

I present you with a peek into my fashion week beauty arsenal:

FW Must haves

1. Clinique has a soft spot in my heart – she was the FIRST brand I ever used (which I detail in a post from a few years back).  When I tell you that my skin chugs Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator faster than a frat boy with a Natural Light in hand, I kid you not.  This wonder cream keeps my skin feeling plumped and healthy and not the least bit greasy (which I can tend to sway towards). This oil-free cream-gel has held up her side of the bargain – to make my skin look fresh and supple.

Fashion Week Beauty Must have #1 Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, SRP $49.50

2. You probably want me to shut up about Cargo Blush in Laguna. I swear to the heaven’s above, I do not work for the company – they just make a product I am obsessed with. She still holds the award for the best darn blush on the planet. The color lasts forever (I rarely have to touch my face up), offers a stellar flushed cheek and looks perfect on everyone – any skin tone. I still have yet to find one it doesn’t work on. I challenge you to find one. You won’t. I promise. Don’t waste your time.

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #2 Cargo Blush in Laguna, SRP $26.00

3. J’Adore Dior. This lipgloss grabbed the baton and ran off the track with it. SUPERIOR. Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Fresh Expert (a soft baby pink) is the love child of Clinique Moisture Surge and Cargo Laguna (see above). You following?  This super luxe formula glides on with one sweep, hydrates my lips, gives a youthful appearance, lasts forever and delivers a sexy glossy pout (no stick, goop or other things that keep boys from kissing you sometimes). She has attended all fashion shows with me thus far (even tucked into my bra when I left my bag at the office.)

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #3 Dior Addict Lip Gloss in Fresh Expert, SRP $31.00

4. This one surprised me – and the reason I was prompted to try it is because of my doppelgänger Zooey Deschanel. Since apparently we were separated at birth, I thought I would give Rimmel Lash Accelerator a whirl. Ummm, I think ZD might have felt the butterfly kiss I sent her all the way on the West Coast with how long my lashes were with just one coat.  My lashes cause a breeze in the room when I blink (who needs air conditioning when CC is in-the-house). Con…I can’t wear my sunglasses…they bend into the frames (#toughlife).

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #4 Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Extreme Black, SRP $8.75

5. Does everyone match their mood to their Essie shade? This week I am sporting Essie in First Dance, in honor of my prom date…who I am still waiting to dance with. Max? Hello??? (echo – echo). No first dance for this gal, so I’m taking First Dance to all of Fashion Week on my toes. I love you Essie.

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #5 Essie Nail Polish in First Dance, SRP $8.00

6. Want to know a big secret…us beauty girls have filthy hair. Fashion gals too – don’t try to deny it ladies. The cat is out of the bag.  Our stylists tell us that dirty hair takes better to our favorite barrel curls and beachy waves. And this is true. But…sometimes it goes longer than it should.  Redken Powder Refresh (the mini comes with me EVERYWHERE) not only freshens up dirty-girls like me, it also helps to add texture when you need it and can come in handy for a spruce up (i.e. after gym hair).

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #6 Redken Powder Refresh 01, SRP $18.00

7. Want a man to stop you in the street and tell you that your hair sparkles in the sun and that you smell like the beach? Turn on Lifetime. That doesn’t happen in “real life” – however, Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil will get you close to your movie moment. Made with sunflower, coconut, olive and jojoba oils, you must just want to make out with your own hair. Total bonus that this hair product also doubles as a skin oil. It not only makes my skin glow, but I smell like I just came back from Hawaii. PS. boys LOVE this one.

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #7 Pureology Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil, SRP $40.00

8. After a long hot shower, there is NOTHING better than right before slipping into my crisp sheets spraying myself head to toe in this divine dry body oil by Boots no.7.  You wake to soft skin and no oily mess. The perfect rejuvenation for another day at Fashion Week (yummy hint of almond #obsessed, vanilla and white florals).

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #8

9. Now that I have found you, we will never depart! Travalo is by far the best invention since the Post-It (and comes in just as many fashionable colors). Travalo is the pocket-sized portable, refillable perfume case and from what I hear the “it” accessory for NYFW. Stella McCartney (the perfume, not the designer) can now come everywhere with me – from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (where it is featured front and center in 4 hospitality suites and in all the 9 backstage areas), to dinner with my man apres FW and then to the airport (this little lady is FLIGHT FRIENDLY). With just a few small steps, you can transfer any and all of your fragrances into this discreet and airline approved container #obsessed.

Fashion Week Beauty Must Have #9 Travalo Classic Excel Green, SRP $20

Happy NYFW!

sign off with lips


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