NYFW Trend Report Spring Summer 2016 Tory Burch
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Runway Photo by George Chinsee/WWD
Slideshow photos used with permission from Redken

NYFW Trend Report SS/16 Tory Burch/Redken

NYFW Trend Report SS16 Tory Burch
“Shirting stripes went girly in a peasanty blouse over a flippy skirt and more boyish in a trim button-down with big, embroidered swirls tucked into a fringed wrap skirt.The casual polish moved seamlessly into evening. Not one for the time-warp mermaid, Burch determined to make pieces that were distinctly evening but also relaxed and, most important, modern.” – WWD

INSPIRATION:  “This look gives a nod to the late-50s, early-60s, but it’s not meant to be a completely retro idea. There’s a juxtaposition and slight sophistication to it with a little bit of height at the crown, which is super flattering, and then the messy, sexy knot, so it feels like these beautiful women came from somewhere exotic. It’s all about balance – the look is pulled together, but the formality is offset with the softness around the face and a bit of a wet finish.

I used Redken’s stay high 18, which is a gel-to-mousse formula that creates that great volume with hold when you blow-dry, and then teased the hair at the crown for a little more height, smoothing with my hands so the shape is slightly asymmetrical, which is very flattering as well.  Then, I created a very short part that’s slightly off center, which is very sexy, and twisted the hair back into a messy knot, pulling out strands here and there to add some charm and character to the overall look. Right before the girls walked out, I misted the ends with water so it’s very sexy, sultry and almost looks a little sweaty.” – Guido, Redken Global Creative Director 


  1. Spray Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer all over damp hair and comb through.
  2. Apply a quarter-size amount of Redken stay high 18 high-hold gel-to-mousse throughout damp hair, focusing on the crown.
  3. Blow-dry using a round brush, lifting the top section of the hair to create volume.
  4. Backcomb the top section of the hair to create additional height and use hands to smooth hair into desired shape.
  5. Use fingers to create a short, off-center part, and then pull hair back into a low ponytail and tuck behind the ears.
  6. Mist the length of the ponytail with water and then twist it into a disheveled, messy knot, securing with hair pins.
  7. Pull out a few strands of hair from the bun and around the hairline and mist again with water to add softness.

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