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102205296-150954682.530x298What if I could wave a magic wand and rid you of your holiday hangover? I’ll bet that today you would offer me TONS of money to do that (while simultaneously feeding you a Taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich). What if I told you, instead of a magic wand, all you needed was an on-call nurse, IV bag and an hour to kick your headache, nausea and dehydration from your over-zealous indulgences last night. Again, methinks you would offer me millions…but lucky you – your one hour hangover cure is detailed below (sans the million dollar investment). Happy 2015!

Before ordering a greasy sandwich or throwing together a concoction to cure the aftermath of last night’s shenanigans, consider this – the growing phenomenon The I.V. Doc™: on call and ready to bring you back to tip-top shape – all in the comfort of your own bed (exactly where you plopped yourself, fully clothed last night).

The I.V. Doc™’s energizing, 30-minute, I.V. hydration therapy will provide you with a quick recovery from hangover, flu, jet lag, exercise fatigue, food poisoning, and general exhaustion. Using a team of dependable health care professionals, The I.V. Doc™will provide you with a discrete luxury service of I.V. hydration therapy in the comfort and ease of your own home, hotel, or private office. In one hour, you start to feel like YOU again (the you that didn’t abuse your body yesterday).

I realize you are reading this, possibly about to vom-up that pie of pizza you ate (you recall this only from the remnants on your clothes and in your hair). So, here is the quick way to cure yourself now:


For those of you who want to know more details and how The I.V. Doc™ can help catapult you to better health (even for illnesses beyond that of excessive throw-backs…jet-lag, food poisoning, feeling flu-ish, need a pick-me up et al).

Adam J. Nadelson M.D., founder and head physician at The I.V. Doc™explains why these popular services work.0912-woman-hangover

Alcohol dehydrates you on a hormonal level: When those ADH levels drop, instead of taking water in, the body wants to push it out via a bodily function you should be familiar with. But after drinking a beer, not only does that full fluid volume pass right through the body, existing H20 gets drawn out along with. One drink = twice the urine. That’s why an IV drip rehydrates on a level way beyond downing a before-bed desperation glass of water.
There’s a whole cocktail of magic vitamins in these bags: These aren’t typical saline bags; IV services pack their pouches with good-for-yous including the full range of B varieties. You know that lack of coordination and foggy-headed confusion associated with heavy drinking? Well this state, known as encephalopathy, is treated directly by vitamin B1.

The I.V. Doc offers the right solution: The I.V. Doc sets a sodium ratio of 130 ml. That syncs up perfectly with the typical levels found in the body. A standard hospital IV is juiced to 150 ml, which is great when you need to recover from invasive surgery or are in traction for months… but it’s overkill when you just don’t want to suffer for staying up ‘til 5am. Also, higher saline levels carry some risk that’s easily manageable in a hospital setting, but not so much on your futon.

Intravenous hydration is way better than just drinking all that stuff: Chugging these bags’ contents wouldn’t taste good and, much more importantly, wouldn’t be very efficient. A much lower percentage of orally consumed fluid (and the good stuff in it) will be properly absorbed for hangover fighting, and it can take hours (vs. IVs, which are almost immediate).

Also, anti-inflammatory meds are way more effective through an IV: The amount of ibuprofen, etc, in one of these drip bags is notably more than you can acquire in a standard over-the-counter dosage, and it’s more effective delivered right to the veins than taken in pill form. That’s because alcohol causes direct damage to the stomach and esophageal linings. While they’re healing themselves, they don’t have time to be absorbing a max dose of headache pills.

Legit companies do pre-screenings: If you’re not offered a phone screen that makes sure a) you’re in the proper state of physical and mental degradation to need any sort of drip, and b) your drip solution is catered to your symptoms, you might want to consider a different provider. Or not drinking. Just kidding.

Treatments are handled by licensed nurses: Whether it’s a drop-in joint or a house call, most state laws prohibit IV administration by anyone who isn’t a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. The I.V. Doc’s all have about three years of training, enough experience to turn their needlework into a painless art form.

This can make you feel better even if you weren’t really hung over: Your body has a maximum capacity for hydration, after which point any fluid simply passes through. But according to Dr. Nadelson, it takes a mere 1% of dehydration for observable sluggishness to set in. Granted, these treatments aren’t cheap, so you’d have to be part of the 1% to do non-hung-over sessions regularly. On the other hand…

The whole thing is absurdly less expensive than the same procedure at an ER: Depending on the service, you’re definitely looking at $100 minimum — this is an elective treatment, after all. But Nadelson says an ER would charge $1,500 — and that’s a conservative estimate. Just the nutritional part of the solution could run $200, disturbingly reminiscent of the bar tab that has you considering this solution in the first place.

The therapies provided by The I.V. Doc™ are time-tested and proven in hospital emergency rooms, now made easily accessible and affordable by fully accredited, licensed, and experienced board-certified physicians and medical professionals.
The I.V. Doc™ is a completely mobile service, covering the following areas:

  • New York City
  • Long Island (Including the Hamptons)
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Northern New Jersey

For more information, please visit their website at: theivdoc.com


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