Ortaggi! Guilt-Free Frozen Yumminess?! Talk about a Treat!


When Christina told Kara and I we would be attending the launch of Ortaggi at Flywheel NYC (which included an intense spin class) my first thought was ‘Hold up…If we are going to get a great work-out, why would we ruin it by eating sorbet right after?’ (Which I can assume would be the thought of most). Then the good news came – Ortaggi wasn’t a sugary processed sorbet at all, but instead a certified organic, preservative and dairy free, 100% natural and vegan cold and creamy treat made from vegetables, fruit juices and herbs- Now that’s a snack that’s post work-out worthy.

Immediately I was intrigued and began to look more into this interesting new frozen goodness. Ortaggi came about from two friends who craved a nice cool frozen treat after a grueling sweat session, but didn’t want to experience the dreaded “snacker remorse”. Enter Ortaggi – which means ‘vegetables’ in Italian – offers the best of both worlds in a delicious, creamy frozen treat similar to a sorbet but without the guilt of processed sugars and calories. It’s actually good for you! Suddenly, the inspiration for the launch began making perfect sense. Kara and I (sans CC) made our way to Flywheel to try Ortaggi flavors following a spin class. It was packed, but in a good way, filled with other men and women also eager to sweat it out in spin and celebrate with the various delicious flavors of Ortaggi afterwords.

The class was amazing. We had a fabulous instructor who kept us excited and encouraged, even during the most intense sessions. The music was also perfect, keeping everyone fired up and in the zone. I had only attended one spin class prior a while back, but this one was much more fun! Or, as fun as an intense cycling spin class could be, while I was trying not to look too winded 🙂

After the class, we each received a box filled with Ortaggi gifts! They included an Ortaggi work -out top, 6 Ortaggi samples in their own containers, and came complete with a very cute, teeny tiny spoon along with product info. The flavors fusions included:

  1. Carrot +Mandarin Orange
  2. Red Pepper + Peach + Lime + Agave
  3. Avocado + Cucumber +  Parsley
  4. Beet + Tangerine
  5. Celery + Cucumber + Basil
  6. Spinach + Kale + Pineapple

Each was bursting with unique, well blended flavors and really was the perfect guilt-free treat after working up a sweat. Kara enjoyed Carrot and Mandarin Orange flavor while my two favorites were the Avocado, Cucumber, Parsley and the Beet and Tangerine. No guilt here! 🙂

Be sure to grab a flavor of your interest when it hits stores near you. For more information and general inquiries, about Ortaggi contact Hello@OrtaggiGood.com



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