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Oscar night is upon us! Get yourself red-carpet ready to watch the show, with these amazing, hair-how-to’s from Pureology Artistic Ambassador Natasha Sunshine. Easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home…

christina carathanassis

Oscar Hair: Boho Downstyle
by Pureology Artistic Ambassador Natasha Sunshine

Boho Downstyle: This undone style will turn heads and is quick and easy to achieve.

  1. Start with day old hair for a lived-in texture. Scrunch in Anti-Breakage Twist throughout.
  2. Using a 1 ½-2″ curling iron, wrap hair around the iron changing direction on each section until entire head is set.
  3. Once again, scrunch entire head to blend waves. Add additional Anti-Breakage Twist for silkier texture to give additional body and Cuticle Polisher for thicker hair textures to add shine.
  4. Braid the center braid down the back keeping the hair very loose at the roots. Add each side braid in to meet at the back-center of the head. Create a messy bun. Secure grips with an X shape under bun for added security and hold.
  5. Give a final spray with Strengthening Control hairspray.

Hot Tip: This style can skip the braid if need be. It looks fantastic both ways.

Undone Braided Chignon: Get that princess sophistication with a messy spin on the chignon.

christina carathanassis

Oscar Hair: Undone Braided Chignon
by Pureology Artistic Ambassador
Natasha Sunshine

  1. Starting with wet hair, apply a dollop-size of Nourishing Nectar throughout.
  2. Rough dry hair until 100% dry.
  3. Choose a side or middle part and French-braid front portion to the ear then continue a regular braid to tips.
  4. Lace or tease hair from the middle back to ends and spray with Strengthening Control hairspray.
  5. Scrunch the back hair into a messy bun and secure using your grips in an X fashion. Continue placing hair until all hair is secured up and feels like it will last the evening. 
  6. Finish with a final dousing of Strengthening Control Hairspray.

Hot Tip: If hair is extra silky, you may set hair using steps 1-3 from the Boho Downstyle.

christina carathanassis

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