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I have always said, if I could ONLY have three beauty products for life, one of them would most DEFINITELY be mascara (note to anyone who might be planning to drop me on a deserted island for a year or two).  A beauty junkie from birth and a beauty publicist since I took off my collegiate cap & gown, I have tried every mascara on the market. Time and time again, I come back to the big L – Lancôme.

Leaders in the mascara industry for as long as they have made mascara, Lancôme is a luxe brand with a prestige price tag but a grandiose end result. Ladies, the money you are burning testing all other brands and getting lash extensions month after month would have already bought you a lifetime supply of Lancôme mascara (as my accountant kindly pointed out to me…”Christina, STOP BUYING BEAUTY PRODUCTS!” – not gonna happen).

christina carathanassis

Lush Lancôme Lashes

My only complaint is that I can no longer wear my YSL Sunglasss…as obnoxious as it sounds, my lashes are so thick, long and curled – they hit the lenses! The price you pay for lashes that circulate wind in the room when you blink.

I truly do love the whole portfolio, but my top faves are: Virtuôse and Hypnôse Drama (featured over there on my peepers).

See for yourself – the photo below is real, it is me, no extensions attached. All real lash – all Lancôme mascara. LOVES!

What is your favorite Lancôme mascara? Post a comment below…I want your mascara scoop…

christina carathanassis

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