Pay It Paw-ward: Help this Dog Rescue Family Pay for Medical & Vet Bills

We get by with a little help from our friends…this new section of our blog features people in need of funds to help cover costs for medical bills, emergencies, memorials and more.

Even $5 can help – maybe skip your Starbucks in the morning and help this family instead? I did.


The Bright Family has been rescuing small dogs for 12 years. This past February, major back surgery caused unexpected financial strain on the family (2 incomes to 1 income). They have dedicated their lives to the fur-babies they have given a loving home too…but they have medical problems as well.

Hershey(brown Chihuahua) has an enlarged heart that requires 3 medications. Daisy (fawn pug) had to have a tumor the size of a tennis ball removed from under her left front leg, all went great. We are lucky to have an awesome veterinarian! Lola the other fawn pug is blind and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 1 months ago, 2 months ago she had pneumonia needless to say the pugs required IV’s and over night stays.

They are all doing good now but their vet bills and my husband’s medical bills wiped out our savings plus! Any help to enable us to take care of our “pack” would be greatly appreciated!

Won’t you help this beautiful family get back on their feet (literally and figuratively).

Donate at their GoFundMe page or help fulfill their Amazon wish list for crucial supplies to help keep their animals healthy.

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