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It is time for me to finally come forward and confess to my dedicated readers that I, Kara, do not always wash my hair. Now I know some of you out there (don’t hide!) follow this little hair ritual too. Honestly, it’s such an important hair trick and there are a lot of great perks to skipping a few shampoos. Your hair stays nourished, becomes a bit more manageable, and your freshly dyed locks stay vibrant for that much longer. Not to mention you get your money’s worth out of any blowouts!

Shower Caps

Beauty TIP: Just a side note for those everyday shampooers I just converted, Redken Powder Refresh is an absolute lifesaver! It is my go too dry-shampoo and keeps your hair looking just as amazing as it does when it’s squeaky-clean.

Now despite my clearly stated belief system that a girl should not be over washing her hair, this was still a difficult topic to tackle when passing through my most recent life milestone. The big move in with the boyfriend. Boys will never understand beauty rituals, their brains are just not programmed that way. To be fair, he lives by the belief system that a single bar of soap is all you need to get your entire body clean (oh yes, that includes his gorgeous mane atop his head).

To make matters worse my current system for skipping shampoos is not exactly adorable. Traditional shower caps have this amazing ability to age you, oh I don’t know, 70 years. So in order for me to gain the courage to come clean about my “dirty” little habit I decided to get a little inventive, as well as a little silly. That is when my good friend, life guru, and creator of this very blog, Christabelle, introduced me to NPW’s Fun Shower Caps, and let me tell you, they live up to the name!

Now before I dive into how adorable these shower caps are I need to first explain Christabelle’s guru tactics. When an opportunity comes up to tease the newbie (me) she will take it, however, she will also take herself down in the name of a good laugh. That is how these photos came to exist:

Pigs  and Frogs

Now if our Kermit & Miss Piggy moment isn’t inspiration enough to run out and buy one let me just say this plastic green cap had my boyfriend keeled over in a mixture of laughter and tears. It was the perfect icebreaker when having to show my “not so put together” side to my man. (It wasn’t long before I came home to find him in the Toucan cap – some might say he’s overcompensating with that choice – I am just thankful that is NOT the one I was hazed with in the office – thanks Christabelle!)

Click  to pick out your perfect shower cap available at Ricky’s NYC starting at just $6.50 per cap! 

Think ahead – these are PERFECT stocking stuffers and 8th night of Chanukah presents!

Shopping Guide (i.e. where to buy):
Redken Powder Refresh 01 – and select fine salons nationwide
NPW Fun Shower Caps (Frog, Pig, Mouse, Toucan, Ice Cream, Cupcake, Duck and more) – Ricky’s NYC (online and in store), (prices vary, but average $6.50 per cap)

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