By Miribelle
In my search for products to blog about (and to add to my morning routine), I’m always a harsh grader in the “easy to use” category. I don’t have patience for pages and pages of directions that I’m not going to follow. While finally figuring out how to put together a 79-piece book shelf from Ikea provides an incredible sense of accomplishment, as far as my personal hygiene goes, I’m a simple kind of gal. So when I found Sinclair and Valentine’s Aromatherapaes Spa Shower AM Wake Up tablets, I was hooked.

In order to put these wake-up remedies to the test, I decided to use them in two different showers, with two different “waters”. Because I was going to the Hamptons the week I found them, I brought them out east for my friends to enjoy. Every day, the bathroom smelled like morning (I sure hope your ideal morning smells like flowers and fruit and not like beef and cheese). You just open the package and drop the tablet on the floor of the shower! The burst of citrus and peppermint snuck its way into our noses and forced us to smile. Even “Don’t wake me up unless I have to get up or else I’ll smack you silly” Jill was pleasant in the morning after taking a shower with one of these. That NEVER happens.

The next weekend, I was invited to go to my friend’s shore house in Jersey. Now let’s rewind a bit…I had never heard of this so-called “shore” until a few short years ago. In college, everyone was talking about their summers. I was used to hearing “Yo man, my house in the Hamptons was sick” and “Yea, I mean, I basically own Montauk.” But when people started saying “I just worked at an ice-cream store at the shore” and “Everyone’s ID got taken away at the shore, but not mine…I’m friends with all the bouncers” I was so confused (Disclaimer: I am not friends with the people who said these statements!). What is this “shore”? Dinah Shore? Were they all singing “Baby it’s cold outside” together? Was this “shore” near the “bay” where the watermelons grow?  How come I never went to the shore? Why didn’t these people just say beach? After further investigation, I came to understand that this “shore” is in fact the Jersey shore, where many people from Philly and South Jersey spend their summers. And yes, I do still make fun of them.

ANYWAY, I decided to try my aromatherapy tablets after a morning yoga class at Island Aerobics . We were in need of some freshening up before our routine visit to Two Cents Plain Ice Cream — you cannot go to Margate without tasting some!).  As soon as I dropped the Wake Up tablet under the running water,  I felt like Jake Ryan’s girlfriend in the gym shower scene in Sixteen Candles (how was that much nudity allowed in that movie?). I was popular, gorgeous and everyone wanted to be me (especially because I smelled so good!) I could totally picture Molly Ringwald’s envy radiating from her skin. After being revived by new fave shower accessory (which by the way left the bathroom smelling scrumptuous for hours after), I was off to totally undo my yoga workout and eat lots and lots of ice cream.

So if you want to remedy a moody morning person (we still love you Jill) or just be gently woken up by soft waves of sensual scents, go out and buy Sinclair and Valentine Aromatherapaes Spa Shower AM Wake Up tablets! Christabelle was supposed to review the Spa Shower PM Wind Down tablets, but she is still sleeping! I guess they worked out well…

You can purchase both online from Sinclair and Valentine, $4.99 for a box of 5 tablets.

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