Bags with Style and Purpose…by Christabelle

Whole Foods is opening up in my neighborhood at the end of this summer. I couldn’t be more excited to shop…fresh foods – organic greens – fair trade items…this is sure going to beat shopping at the Associated Grocery Store (which I lovingly call the “Ass-Can”) around the corner from where I live. As I prepare for my dream grocer to arrive, I am also conditioning myself to be more green and hug Earth just a little bit tighter. How, you ask, can I do that and still be stylish and every bit the fashionista I am?  Simply put, with ECOBAGS

Did you know that the US Environmental Protection Agency states that over 380 billion (with a “b”) plastic bags, sacks and wraps are consumed in our country this year?  That’s A LOT of plastic – worse yet – only .06% is recycled.  That is why I have devoted myself to shopping with ECOBAGS Totes With Quotes – the eco-friendly reusable bags that are stylish, affordable, fashion forward and GOOD FOR THE PLANET! With celebrity followers like Jessica Biel and Rachel McAdams, you know you are on fashion’s fast track.

With totes featuring “Get Hip To Green”, “Think Global Act Local” , “Make Love Not Carbon”, “Talk Green to Me” and my personal favorite “Nothing On Me is Plastic”; there is sure to be a bag for everyone…including the rocker, the activist, the eco-aware, the parent and even the envogue. Toss these machine washable totes into your purse when you shop at the grocery store, farmer’s market, even at the mall (each bag can hold up to the equivalent of 4-5 plastic bags).  They are great for road trips, the gym and vacations…I have become the talk of the beach with my ECOBAG draped across my shoulder.

With price points that vary from $5.99 – $16, you can follow the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) mantra even on a budget!  Check out and find the bag that suits your persona.

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