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Vday HIM

It is February 6…and you have 8 full days to find the perfect gift for your special loved one…our top picks for HIM AND HER…EVERY DAY UNTIL D-DAY…I mean V-DAY!

FOR HIM: In honor of the five very talented (and very handsome) men of Reserved for Rondee (today’s distinguished Cool Peep(s) of the Week)…I dedicated this gift guide for “him” to RFR. Here are my top gift picks for these mega-talented (and oh, so sexy) musicians…

Leave all Valentine’s Day wishes for RFR in comments below – I promise to pass them along with a kiss (or 2 or 10…I’m crushin’ on them too, ya know)!

Trevor RFR2

Trevor Vaughn – RFR
Photo Credit: M. Di Giovanna

A few of his favorite things: “Besides universal love, I’d say imagination rocks pretty hard. I’m ruled by Venus so beautiful women obviously (like Christabelle). Can’t leave out a great steak & wine!”

Christabelle’s Gift Ideas for “your Trevor“:
…to help bring out his inner “Spidey” – *Silver Spider Tribal Leather Neck Rope from Stormy Road @ Etsy, $17.  And since he loves to fly around the room, maybe he also wants to fly around the sky, in a private **Helicopter flight lesson – Cloud 9 Living,$498. Pricey, yes…but worth it when he smiles for days as the adrenaline wears off.

*You are a good girlfriend
**You are an OFF THE CHARTS girlfriend

Nick RFR

Nick Fokas – RFRPhoto Credit: M. Di Giovanna

A few of his favorite things: “Well aside from my favorite blog, (this one), I’m addicted to Pawn Stars. I can sit and watch that show all day. And I have.”

Christabelle’s Gift Ideas for “your Nick“:
…if he has to go outside to smoke, he should smoke in style. If anyone can pull this off – he can. A  *Gothic Skull & Crossbones Cigarette Case @Etsy $48), filled with his favorites including a  Greek Blue Eye to protect him from the “evil eye”or μάτι. Orange you so in love with his musical side…? Sure you are and every guitar player needs a killer amp…enhance his artistic expressions (albeit to the dismay of your neighbors) with the **Orange Tiny Terror Combo Amp ($499+).

*You are a good girlfriend
**You are an OFF THE CHARTS girlfriend


Tom Degnan – RFR
Photo Credits: M. Di Giovanna

A few of his favorite things: “Hugs, CC, Chuck Norris, Christmas, the music of the Frank Sinatra, Legos, family, friends, ND football and pork chop sandwiches.”

Christabelle’s Gift Ideas for “your Tom“:
…is he obsessed with all things football (especially at his college alma mater)? Well, he might not be able to make it to every home game…but you can bring the home game to him with these *Sterling Silver cufflinks expertly crafted from genuine Notre Dame stadium bleacher seating, $180.  Field seat tickets for him and a buddy on **opening day ($650+) and an unlimited gift card to Dave & Buster’s will be the applesauce on top of his Valentine’s Day pork chop sandwich!

*You are a good girlfriend
**You are an OFF THE CHARTS girlfriend

Warren RFR

Warren Hemenway – RFR
Photo Credits: M. Di Giovanna

A few of his favorite things: “Twizzlers on the subway, coffee and a NY Post. Did anyone buy Hostess yet?? I’m dying for some freaking Ho-Hos!!!”

Christabelle’s Gift Ideas for “your Warren“:
…he’s an Animal on stage – the backbone of rhythm for the band on his drums and when you present him with a **Gretsch drum kit from the early 1970s, $1400, he will be your rhythm animal forever. Throw in a case of *Hostess Ho Hos…and some wet wipes to clean the chocolate prints off his *custom-made, personalized drumsticks from jerryswoodworks @Etsy, $55.

*You are a good girlfriend
**You are an OFF THE CHARTS girlfriend

Billy Magnussen - RFRPhoto Credits:

Billy Magnussen – RFR
Photo Credits: M. Di Giovanna

A few of his favorite things: “I love all of u. Traveling!! Jumping through fire. Q-tips. Little puppies.”

Christabelle’s Gift Ideas for “your Billy“:
…he loves to be in the kitchen, so get cozy with him, playing with Pad Kee Ma during a *Thai cooking class at The Institute of Culinary Education ($120 p/p). After dining on the Asian delights you couples-cooked, surprise him with an  **8 -day adventure tour through Thailand with G Adventures, $649+. Give him the gift of exploration – in between kissing you, will be exclaiming “c̄hạn rạk ṭhex”!

*You are a good girlfriend
**You are an OFF THE CHARTS girlfriend

Now what are the gentlemen of RFR going to get for CC??? They have 8 days to figure it out…

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  1. john p.

    finally gifts a guy would really want. so tired of the dumbass articles this chick knows what she is talking about. sweet drumset.


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