Eat Animal Like an Animal…by LaniBelle
**vegetarians BEWARE**

DennyMike’s ‘Cue Stuff can make a ‘cue chef out of anyone—his sauces and rubs work their magic on fish, chicken, beef and pork as well as veggies and sides.  And with names like Chick Magnet, Cow Bell Hell and Mesquit-O-Madness, what man wouldn’t be inspired? Well, it inspired my husband to pull out all the stops this weekend and cook up a swine feast. I had to SHOWER after dinner, because I ate like such an animal – not-so-lady-like, but oh-so-delicious!

Maine-made in small batches with premium, all-natural ingredients, including natural sea salt, clover honey and Barbados molasses, DennyMike is earning rave reviews and awards for his rubs and sauces in Texas, the heart of barbecue country!  Priced at just $5.95-$7 (suggested retail price), they are perfect as a collection or as additions to any Father’s Day gift basket.  DennyMike’s also offers a fabulous Full BBQ Gift Set that includes all 5 rubs and 4 sauces for just $49.95.

Try Chick Magnet on the BBQ, smoker or even oven roasting for your poultry, beef, pork and even veggies!

Sprinkle Sublime Swine on shoulders and tushys (the pork – NOT your own). Perfection in the crock pot or smoker this rub promises to bring your roast to a “whole ‘nutha level”!

Don’t be bashful using Cow Bell Hell on all types of domestic meat and wild game…even sausage, burgers and meatloaf!

Fintastic is a curiously piquant blend with just a hint of citrus. Pair it with the most fresh and saltwater fish…totally tasty on scallops and shrimp too!

 Pixie Dust ain’t for fairies…use this rub generously whether grilling, roasting, broiling or BBQing beef, pork, poultry, fish or game. Toss a pinch into chilli, stews and beans too for a YUM-O side dish!

Get your grilling in the groove with DennyMike’s rubs and sauces at locally at :

Maine Made Shop
93 Main Street
Waterville, ME 04901
or online at: 

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