After a crazy, crazy two weeks, (helping plan a last minute wedding shower on top of my regular busy life is hard work- can anyone say Lehman Brothers and AIG – UGH!), I needed an inner boost to get me back on track to normalcy. One of my synthetic-hating friends recommended I try Golden Earth Chakra Wellness Therapy. As you all know, I’m new the world of the au-natural, so I figured I’d give into a Zen moment. While I was a bit skeptical at first, the oils really proved their worth. Almost like liquid therapy!

So first- let’s educate. Chakras are “spinning vortices of energy located throughout the midline of the body.” The energy centers are weakened from absorbing outside energies. The oils are combinations of exotic essential oils infused with crystals to help re-awaken and heal your energy centers. Since I couldn’t convince my boyfriend to give me a massage with the oils (“the game’s starting in 5 minutes! Matt’s coming over, I’ll do it later”), I just used it as I would a perfume. After even just one week, I felt revitalized. Just the scent of the oils alone gave me the spiritual uplift I needed to forge forward and live life in a centered peace of mind! My favorites are “higher knowledge”—a sandalwood and jasmine essential oil blend with amethyst crystals—which inspires an openness to new ideas and awareness and “life force”—patchouli and myrrh essential oil blend with hematite crystals—which inspires prosperity and stability. I was really impressed with the soothing effect of the oils…and maybe one day boyfriend will realize that too.

Renew and balance your Chakras and get through the madness of your day with Golden Earth Chakra Wellness Therapy – can you really put a price tag on spirituality? No, but each of these oils can be purchased for $36 – well worth it my friends…well worth it!

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