Skype it to me, Baby…By Christabelle

In the day and age where technology seems to be overtaking the “personal touch” humans used to maintain (i.e. texts instead of handwritten love letters and e-mails instead of thank you notes), there is one product that is actually bridging the gap between families this holiday season…affording more and more people to spend time together (even if there are miles, states, and even continents between them).

I used to think anyone who didn’t have EZ Pass was a moron – why wouldn’t you use a product that can offer you a little bit more ease to life.  Well – that is exactly how I feel about Skype now.  How did I ever go through life without it and HOW DOES ANYONE NOT USE IT EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY! Comon’ people – get with the program.

From military families separated by combat – to ill family members separated by hospitals – to even college kids separated by dorm rooms…SKYPE is closing the mile-gap and giving far flung family and friends a FREE space to connect, communicate and perform the day-to-day together…all via video cam and, oh, did I mention FREE. I think I did, but FREE is such a nice word, I thought I would throw it out there one more time.  FREE.

Buddy Cam from Skype

And to my delight, my friends at Skype were kind enough to send me some amazing ideas on how to keep connected over the holidays from Jamie Sorcher, Resident Tech Expert for Skype. A whole new way to keep-in-touch, Skype allows you to talk over the internet to anyone – anywhere in the world – for free.  With the clock slowly ticking towards the end of the year, here are some fun ways to connect with family and friends – creating a modern twist on traditional communication.

  • Bake holiday cookies together: Set up a laptop or Asus Videophone Touch on your respective counters and back a batch of holiday bookies while catching up with friends and family. The kids especially love learning grandma’s secret sugar cookie recipe, straight from the source even though she lives on the opposite coastline.
  • Virtual movie night: If the weather outside is simply too frightful to drive to your friend’s home for a movie night – or worse yet – she has caught a cold and is contagious – simply cozy up to your laptops and use Buddy Cam to video call one another while watching the same movie simultaneously.
  • Watch the ball drop together: Celebrate with a champagne toast at the stroke midnight with family and friends from around the world via Skype Video Call, without having to leave your children home with a babysitter.

There are innumerable ways Skype can make the holidays and every day life unified and stress free. I never thought about reading bed-time stories to my lil munchkins spread all over the country, but what a nice way to be able to connect with all my “kids” – no matter where they rest their little heads. Now get SKYPING!

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