By Christabelle…
If You Ever Needed A Reason To Shave This Valentine’s Day…
This Is it!!!

If you let underarm hair grow in the winter, you are more apt to develop body odor!
Your underarms are full of tiny glands called apocrine glands that produce sweat.  The sweat contains organic molecules (lipids and proteins) and pheromones and their activity is the main cause of sweat odor, due to the bacteria that break down the organic compounds in the sweat.  When you let underarm hair grow, as many women do when swaddled in bulky winter sweaters and jackets, the hair traps apocrine secretions that can lead to body odor.  The simple solution to this problem?  Shave regularly, because the use of a deodorant or another odor eliminator alone may not be enough.
Pure Silk® Moisturizing Shave Creams make it fun and easy to maintain your shaving routine all year long.  Bring summer into your winter grooming regimen with formulas such as Pure Silk® for Dry Skin, Pure Silk® Plumeria, Pure Silk® Raspberry Mist, Pure Silk® Melon Splash, and Pure Silk® Coconut & Oat Flour. Pure Silk® Peaches & Cream, designed for sensitive skin, contains extracts of thyme, papaya and willow bark to calm and soothe the delicate underarm area. All the formulations contain aloe to help moisturize and condition for a shave that leaves skin feeling silky soft.
So, pile on the layers to keep toasty and warm (or take them off!) this Valentine’s Day.  And remember that shaving year-round just makes good common “scents!

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