By JackieBelle

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  The day is all about food and family, and what goes more perfectly with food and family than a nice bottle of wine?  This year shopping for wine can be very simple- whether you’re doing the hosting or the visiting, make one of these Soave wines your go-to favorite, or do what I’m doing and stock up on all three!  Either way you’ll have a fresh, crisp white wine that can be paired with almost anything.  For those of you who love the language of wine, let this entice you:  Soave is made from the Garganega (gar-gah-nay-gah) grape of Italy’s Veneto region, and it’s described as a “late-ripening and vigorous vine that is capable of producing refreshing, easily-enjoyable white wines.”  (I love saying gar-gah-nay-gah with as much flourish as possible.)  Soave is the ideal compliment to a Thanksgiving feast because of its lightness, gentle acidity, and slightly bitter finish.  Here are a few pairing suggestions from the pros:

Soave DOC is crisp and clean and offers a bouquet of herbs and flowers, so it pairs well with things like fish dishes and poultry.  It would be as nicely matched with a lavish Thanksgiving spread as it would be with a simple meal of rustic risotto and crusty bread.

Soave Classico DOC opens with pleasant aromatics that lead to crisp, articulated fruit, and because of its zingy acidity it is nicely paired with sweet or rich dishes, like eggs, cream based sauces, puff pastry, pasta, and vegetables.  If there is anything better than a glass of wine and a plate of puff pastry I am definitely not aware of it- I’m pretty sure there is nothing better.

Soave Spumante DOC is bright and clean, and with its smooth and silky textures and flavors it’s a perfect match for light cheeses and raw shellfish.  It can also stand alone as an aperitif.  Spumante is wine-speak for sparkling wine, and anything that sparkles is sure to add festivity to any occasion.

Soave is a leader in Italian wines, and even though it is luxurious, it happens to be a very affordable luxury.  At the approachable price of $10 to $20 a bottle you can give it as a gift, serve it to your guests, or share it with your family and friends over the holidays, and you’ll still be able to keep some stashed away for when it’s just you and a plate of puff pastry.

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