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Having dated MANY an artist, I am all too familiar with what I like to call “MWS”, AKA  ‘music withdrawal syndrome’ – don’t bother googling it. I made that up!

It is the moment that you are on vacation and the person you are travelling with starts to yearn obsessively for their sweet Taylor, Martin or even Harmony back at home. The obsession leads to air strumming and making every coconut, tree branch and sun umbrella into a make-shift guitar. I’ve even had my bare leg used as a pseudo acoustic  – not fun!Turtle Inn Guitar

Leave it to the Coppola Resorts to step onto a luxurious page of its own with this new offering at his Belizean resort Turtle InnCOMPLIMENTARY GUITARS TO ALL REGISTERED GUESTS.


Music lovers need not despair any longer…Turtle Inn, Francis Ford Coppola’s beachside resort in Belize, is now offering complimentary guitars for guests to use at their leisure – whether it’s for a moonlit serenade with family and friends or a private concert for two in a seafront villa. This musical experience will complete your stay in paradise.  To secure a guitar for one day or for  your whole stay, you do need to make a reservation (and methinks this popular added amenity will be a popular one, so my advice would be to book your guitar when you book your stay at this exclusive resort).

To make a reservation or inquire about more information regarding Turtle Inn, call (501) 824-4912/14 or visit  If you are looking for a travel companion – my calendar is clear!

Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn, Belize

About Francis Ford Coppola Resorts

The Coppola Resorts are a collection of unique award-winning properties where stylish and eco-friendly exploration and discovery meets serenity and delight. Drawing upon inspiration from his film career and travels to the far reaching corners of the world, each resort is an ideal destination known for the intuitive nature of the friendly staff to the allure of exploring the natural wonders of the area while relaxing in tranquil surroundings. Francis puts it best saying, “There are things to do – or just do nothing.” The Coppola Resorts offer a glimpse into the values that Francis holds dear – family, fun, adventure, and great food and wine. These elements can be seen throughout each property, weaved into the landscape, creating a personal Coppola connection for all to enjoy. The Coppola Resort properties at Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn have been listed as the “Best Resorts in Central + South America” by Travel + Leisure magazine, as well as many other travel authorities.



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