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Cocktail of the Week: Bohemia Frida Kahlo Beer

Don't hide this beauty in the her in an elegant ice bucket and show her off...the limited edition Bohemia Frida Kahlo Limited Edition bottles. This is for the sophisticated, upscale beer drinker...Natty Light boozers need not apply.Having just hit store shelves in the US, this bottle features a golden neck and cap, Frida Kahlo’s face and classic Mexican symbols, like flowers, hummingbirds and monkeys, often found in the iconic Mexican artist’s work. Bohemia, like her bottle, is quite a piece of craftsmanship as well, offering adults a rich, wine-like beer with subtle aromas of fruit, roasted barley that give way to a cocoa-like bitterness and sweet hints of vanilla. Yes, you can sigh out a "yum" out loud...I did.