Gift Guide: 4 Gift Ideas for the High Maintenance Dad...

Gift Guide: 4 Gift Ideas for the High Maintenance Dad…

Your dad spends more time in the bathroom than you do. He coifs his hair to perfection, spritzes the perfect balance of cologne on his neck, chest and body, and he likes his EVERYTHING wrinkle free (including his boxer briefs) - he is HIGH MAINTENANCE, PEACOCK dad. Often referred to as the gayest-straight man on the block.What to get him for Father's Day? Read on...
last minute gifts for mother's day

9 ‘Did You Really Wait Until The Day of?’ Gift Ideas

Did you really? After all my reminding - my suggestions and my gently prodding - you failed to buy that special lady in your life a Mother's Day present. Now it is the morning of and you are in a panic (and very well might be reading this from your iPad - from the bathroom - as you settle your nervous stomach).Fear not procrastinators! I still have some great ideas to help you out today. Ideas that will not only save your rear, but will make you look super creative and incredibly innovative (and not in the least bit LAST MINUTE ANNIE).Your welcome (and while I have you, mark your 2015 calendar NOW, so we don't have this issue again).
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4 Stunning Beauty Looks from the 2014 Met Gala (and how to get them!)

Though I live just across town, alas, I must have missed my a-lister invite to the 2014 Met Gala (chuckle**chuckle)...but that didn't stop me from finding my top 4 fave looks of the evening. Total bonus - my beauty friends ( Renato Campora for Matrix, Christopher Naselli for Alterna Haircare, Vera Steimberg for L’Oréal Paris and Mara Roszak for L’Oréal Paris) let us in on the secrets to creating these red carpet looks of the evening from home.
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Lusting for Lashes…

When the opportunity arose to get eyelash extensions, I jumped and I jumped FAST. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from some serious eyelash envy. From the fluttering lashes of the Kardashian clan splattered across the tabloids…to girls batting and brunching throughout NYC – I couldn't help but yearn for longer, fuller, darker and sexier lashes. I’m naturally blonde so even though Suzette, the amazing Xtreme lash certified stylist and owner of The Lash House Beauty Boutique, insisted that I had long lashes, she did note just how blonde they really were. My fair tipped lashes made going completely make-up free near impossible…but Suzette and The Lash House were about to change all that.
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Dinner at Tiffani’s…

Many of you dreamed of taking Tiffani Theissen (formerly Tiffani-Amber) out to dinner back in the Saved By the Bell forward to 2014 - your dreams have become reality. Now you can have Dinner at Tiffani's once a week - Sunday to be exact.
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Keep Your Red Locks Longer…

Red-loving salon clients and their stylists, rejoice! The new Matrix COLORINSIDER High Intensity Red collection produces gorgeous, pure, cool red shades with visible intensity and incomparable longevity. Now Matrix haircolor clients can expect their salon-gorgeous red color to stay truer for up to 8 weeks*. These pure, cool red shades brilliantly round out the beautiful existing copper- and violet-toned reds in the ammonia-free COLORINSIDER palette, meeting every demand of discerning color professionals and their clients.

Cool Peep: Scott Ramsay

WHO IS THIS COOL PEEP? PHOTOGRAPHER/MUSICIAN: SCOTT RAMSAY I currently live in Austin,Texas and have since 1998, grew up in Maine and went to college in Scottsdale, AZ. I have also lived in San Diego, Ca and spent 13 years in the Rocky Mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO. I have had either a camera or a guitar in my hand for over 30 years. Photography and music are my passions and have dominated every part of my life since the age of 13. As a young photographer I spent years trying to figure out what my “style” was only to realize my style and approach to shooting is ever changing and fluid. I have had the pleasure of working with many companies and individuals on everything from product catalogs and fashion spreads to architecture, music and swimwear.