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Memorial Day Weekend Coupons…SHOP IT!

Hosting backyard barbecues and honoring our nation's military are great ways to celebrate this upcoming Memorial Day. Sales and great deals abound this weekend, too, and you can score serious savings on beauty and fashion without having to battle the crowds. Shop from the comfort of your own home with these top online coupons for Memorial Day from
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With a Woof and a Meow…

It used to be the shoes you wore or the car you owned or even the school your diploma was - you are who your PET is. So dress Fluffy and Fido to the nines and do it right. For ten years, Trish Hampton has been outfitting dogs across America (and overseas)...from the rich (think Mariah Carey's pooches) to the poor (think my imaginary dog) and every other furry, four-legged friend in between.

Can I get a WHOOF WHOOF?

FOR YOUR FOUR LEGGED Miribelle Dogs really are Woman's best friend. A friend told me that in one language, the word for dog literally means "from the heart." So, it's okay if we treat dogs like our own children rather than animals. While I hope to ... Read More...