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By Christabelle…  @CBellesCloset

I have always looked up to my mother as a fashion icon of sorts…and if you are an avid reader of this blog, you have read all about Ro and her magnificent closet(s).

Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress

So, as we near Father’s Day…I can’t help but think about my mom.  It has been a month since the champagne flutes emptied of mom’s day mimosas, the lavish brunches cleared away, and the beautiful bouquets turned to potpourri – Mother’s Day officially came and went last month. But isn’t it truly mother’s day EVERY DAY?  The millions of things Mom does for the children in her life never ceases. The sweet notes (and sometimes not so sweet notes, CLEAN YOUR ROOM), the worried phone calls, the “pick me up at the mall” call and the never-ending piles of clean laundry are still there like clockwork. No matter what.

That is why it is important to continue celebrating each and every mother, even when the hype of Mother’s Day is no longer around to force us! And in honor of every selfless mom out there Christabelle’s Closet has teamed up with Talbots to spotlight one of their own Super-Moms, Lisa Gavales, Talbots President of Direct and Marketing. New to the team perhaps,  but the Talbots brand has always been with Lisa and her family.  Thirteen year old Lindy (Lisa’s daughter and budding fashionista), looks absolutely stunning in Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress. A few bright accessories, a fabulous hair style and most importantly beauty from within – no matter 13, 30 or 130, this show stopping dress can be worn by us all. We LOVE how Lindy paired her dress with a denim button down and nude booties. So on trend and super-cute! This mother-daughter duo proves Talbots is a brand for girls of any age.

Lindy collage1
Are you as obsessed with this dress as much as we are? Well now is your chance to call one your own! Leave a comment below with one sentence highlighting just how amazing your mom or mother figure is and you’ll be automatically entered to win the Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress!

Congratulations to our 7 winners:  Flagler; Sandy W; CJoArnold; Reynolds_PM; CCBooBooy; karenbleeker; dorisannthompson

What: Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress (2 Grand Prizes; 5 Second Prizes – see details below)

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Time: Contest runs from Tuesday, June 11 – Friday June 14, 2013 (CLOSES MIDNIGHT EST) UPDATE!! CONTEST HAS BEEN EXTENDED THRU JUNE 19, 2013

Winners and Prizes (the fun stuff!): 7 winners will be notified on or around June 14, 2013. Winners will be responsible for e-mailing their proper mailing address to Christabelle’s Closet- The Blog. Please note fulfillment and shipping of prizes can take up to 6 weeks and will be sent direct from Talbots.


Talbots collage1

** Terms and Conditions – this sweepstakes entitles:
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FIVE SECOND PRIZE WINNERS: one Talbots Rose Silhouette Dress (SRP $169 – #B268315) – TOTAL PRIZE PACKAGE VALUE: $169.00

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As seen in Good Housekeeping (May 2013) - the dress that breaks the age barrier

As seen in Good Housekeeping (May 2013) – the dress that breaks the age barrier

christina carathanassis

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201 Responses

  1. Avatar
    Heather Mitchell

    My mother is a model wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend because no matter what challenges these titles throw at her, she always puts others before herself…ALWAYS! 🙂 <3

  2. Avatar
    Kristen Kincaid

    My mother is a Talbots fan and has been for years. She has taught for 36 years at the same school and she student taught there, also. She is retiring this year and this would be a special surprise for her. She has always given her all to our family and the students she works with.

  3. Avatar
    Sandy Woodcock

    She was the first person to love me and because cancer snatched her from us at 42, those lessons of love, laughter and joy live on through me.

  4. Avatar
    Katherine Smith

    My mom is great, but I’ve been lucky to have several women in my life to help point me in positive directions like my husband’s step mom and moms of friends who have offered valuable lessons in everything from cooking to spirituality.

  5. Avatar
    Peggy Salitros

    My mother has been gone for many years, however as her sense of style for Saturday nights out was always current yet traditional. and her nail polish was always perfect!

  6. Avatar
    Karen Oliver

    She is so many different things to so many different people…and finds time for all!

  7. Avatar
    Melissa Mullins Wrightson


  8. Avatar

    The more I grow, the more I realize that my mom is the best best friend that I ever had.. I love you mom:)

  9. Avatar
    susan dingess

    My mother was such a role model…, excelled in education; loving, caring mother, well-thought of nurse supervisor; lover of designer clothing and hand-bags, such a grandmother!

  10. Avatar

    My Mom taught me everything good and nothing bad. I wouldn’t have survived motherhood myself without her as my role model.

  11. Avatar

    My older sister has taken on the role of mother figure when my mom passed away 10 years ago – just like my mom she’s always there for me.

  12. Avatar
    Marleah Baird

    My Mom was funny, sweet, loving, hard-working and always inspirational in her fashion—and this dress would have been in her closet!!

  13. Avatar

    My Mom died when I was 13, quite a few years ago. She worked up until she had children and then stayed home with her 4 girls. She would have looked great in this dress! But I know someone who would like and need it just as much!

  14. Avatar
    Jolene S

    My mother is the strongest and most unselfish personI know and even when she’s faced devastating illness and challenges she gets through with grace and good spirits. She’s a survivor!

  15. Avatar
    Carol Miller

    My mother made many of her own clothes, and always preferred soft pastels and small flower prints. She was a farmer’s wife, and could do many things well. She enjoyed my company, and most of all, was always there for me.I wish she was still around to wear this dress herself, she would have loved it.

  16. Avatar
    Mary Ann

    My mom passed away when I was 17. She missed all the milestones in my life. I still miss her everyday.

  17. Avatar
    Linda Gawthrop

    I am fortunate that even as I have reached the age to collect social security, I still have two “Mothers” in my life – my own Mom and my Mother-in-Law who continually offer lessons in how to age gracefully,

  18. Avatar
    Judith Erickson

    My mother was never a fashionista but always made sure her children were dressed well so when I had a daughter I carried on the dressing well tradition but my teenage daughter and I love dressing up!

  19. Avatar

    The more I grow, the more I realize that my mom is the best best friend that I ever had.. I love you mom!

  20. Avatar
    Claudia Arnold

    My mom passed away 6 years ago, but she was extremely ZaZa Gabor, always dressed to the hilt and loved all the shoes, accessories and clothes at Talbots. She would have been stunning in that little rose number!

  21. Avatar
    Trina T.

    A classic dress – wears well and ages well – just like a beloved mother.

  22. Avatar
    Traci Teer

    She answered to 3 names from each of her 3 children: mother, mama and mom. She is the ulimate “mother bear”. She loves and protects her family fiercely. And she was the “involved mother” –she knew where we were, what we were doing and who we were with. She had that 6th sense –she could tell if we were lying, if we were troubled, if we were worried. And she was never our friend–she was our mother and she earned our respect as well as that of our childhood friends because of it. We ate together as a family every night of the week and we solved the world’s problems in 30 minutes. She was fearless with other parents, teachers and doctors if she felt our best interests were in danger. She has been and continues to be the strongest person I know. And her children are fiercely loyal and protective of her. No one messes with my Mama.

  23. Avatar
    Jean Oliver

    Jean Oliver
    6/11/13 6:07pm

    My mother is no longer with us – she lost the battle of congestive heart failure 9/11/06. While we were growing up in our neighborhood, she ironically led the collection for the American Heart Association every year. She was incredibly independent as a Navy nurse and encouraged my sister and I both to find pathways that would not leave us dependent on a man for our welfare. I can recall the back to school shopping every fall – we would put on a fashion show afterwards. Among her skills she could copy a dress without a pattern. I remember finding a beautiful dress in NYC one year. She looked it over closely and I had my own version for school that year! Al;ways creative with the sewing machine, she even made some of the draperies in my house as well and my flower girl’s dress!

  24. Avatar
    Jeanne Reilly

    oh man! My mother is the most awesome of role models, at 89.5 years old, she is an inspiration to all, sharing her love, light & laughter with all who know her. She still goes out every day, exercises & eats right to maintain her health and dresses to the “9’s” every day. She is absolutely the BEST!

  25. Avatar
    Marie James

    My mom is amazing. Little did I know until I became a mother myself. One thing she taught me, was to never leave the house without looking “put together”.

  26. Avatar
    Tajunia Dorton

    My Mom is the most truly amazing person I know! She has loved me, guided me, taught me, and given me her 110% ALWAYS! Even when I was at my worst, she still stood by me, and I appreciate her for that! I must say I HAVE THE BEST MOM EVER!!!!!

  27. Avatar

    My mother is an amazing woman. She’s 90 years young, still drives, exercises regularily, and is still as stylish as she ever was. She loves Talbot’s clothing and would look amazing in this dress!

  28. Avatar
    C. Gremillion

    So thankful for a wonderful, faithful, loving mother who taught me so much about life and how to treat people!

  29. Avatar
    Joy Lundgren

    My mom was a true lady and always wore a dress, even when doing housework!

  30. Avatar
    Liz Deffenbaugh

    Talbots clothing is always smart looking. Fabrics and styles are high quality in all of their products. This dress would be a fun summer look at many events. My new grandson would look even more handsome in Grandma’s arms when she wears this dress!

  31. Avatar
    Jacqueline Robinson

    My mother who will be 92 next week was the best mother any girl could have. She was selfless in all that she did for us. No matter what she did, she did it out of love for my sisters and my dad. She is very frail now and suffers from dementia which is so hard to see everyday. She still recognizes us which is a blessing and asks about our families. We love our Mimi.

  32. Avatar
    Liz Smith

    My mom worked hard every day of her life an d now that she’s gone, I miss her every day of mine.

  33. Avatar
    Stephanie Ferrell

    My mother passed away in 2006 but she was an excellent cook and very funny. She had a knack for mis-hearing people but what she thought she heard was usually hilarious!

  34. Avatar
    Sarita Bittan

    My sweet MOM past 3 years ago but I do remember every single thing she showed me during her life. How to be kind, how to be there for me every single time I would say mommy, how to be responsible but the most important thing she showed me was what unconditional love meant. That’s why when I became a mother I just practice everything she showed me and now I am teaching that to my daughter that is also a young mommy.
    She was and still is at my 55 years my BEST ROLE MODEL.

  35. Avatar
    Alina Josephbeg Sarkisian

    my mother was an amazing person. She loved to dress nicely and always had her lipstick on.It was so hard to get rid of her clothes after she passed away.She thought me to always look my best.

  36. Avatar
    Kendall Phelps

    My mother has always been there for me. She has been teaching for over thirty years. Even though she can retire, she says she wont until I am finished with school. Her favorite color is blue and the dress in blue would match her eyes perfectly!

  37. Avatar

    I was a very lucky Lady I had a Mother, StepMother, Mother in Law, and Grandmother who showed me how to be a good Mother..

  38. Avatar
    Linda Crane

    My precious mother will be 83 next week and has always been my fashion idol. When I was a little girl I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world—-and I still think of her in those terms. I love the styles from back in the 50’s and early 60’s when she would wear a shirtwaist dress or a big twirling skirt and high heels with matching handbag, a broad brimmed hat, gloves and her hair in a Page Boy cut or up in a French Twist. I appreciate the way Talbots offers classic clothing with a contemporary twist for today’s lifestyles.

  39. Avatar
    Marilyn Bixenstine

    Mom passed away almost twenty years ago. She took loving care of my brothers, sisters and me. She frequently sacrificed purchasing something for herself so that we could have a new item of clothing. Every time she applied her bright lipstick, she looked like a movie star to me. I wear bright lipstick every day in memory of her.

  40. Avatar
    Linda Schreiber

    My Mom is a great Mom, a terrific cook – gardener – supports her children in all they do. We take a trip to Talbots multiple times a year:) Its her treat and a great day out!

  41. Avatar
    Shauni R.

    My mom has always been a strong woman. Even when she went through her battle with breast cancer, she remained upbeat and positive. She is a great role model for both me and my children.

  42. Avatar
    Claire Bazzano

    My mom took me shopping at Talbots at the age of 18. 35 years later and I still wear only Talbots! Greatest mom ever.

  43. Avatar
    susan campbell

    My mom is the sweetest, silliest, funniest person I know…I’m a lucky woman!!!

  44. Avatar
    keisha jones

    My mommie is everything I want to be, and everything I hope to be to my girls

  45. Avatar
    Cheryl Gracy

    My Mom has passed away, but her sense of style and fearlessness with being fashionable and unique will never pass away.

  46. Avatar
    Pamela Reynolds

    My mother, fifty years of marriage, seven of children, no help from nannies and housekeepers, back to work and college years later, recently retired . . . still sane!

  47. Avatar
    Karen MacDonald

    My mom has spent much of the last three years in a hospital. But when I visit her every day she always says, “You look so nice. That must be from Talbots.” And it is!

  48. Avatar
    Joanne Arnett

    My Mom was one of Talbots most loyal customers and I’m continuing the tradition. Would love a Rose Silhouette dress!

  49. Avatar
    Tatiana M.

    My mom is a strong person,she always inspires me to push through and keep my chin up even if things seem to be not going well. I hope my daughter will see me this way when she grows up.

  50. Avatar
    Marti Andera

    My Mom has aged very gracefully and stylishly. She is the best cook ever.
    Most of all she taught me and my siblings how important daily prayer is in our lives. Yay Mom!

  51. Avatar
    Julie Slack

    My Mom is an amazing person. She raised six kids, and now at the age of 87, she is caring for my 89 year old father who has dementia. She has tremendous inner strength.

  52. Avatar
    Anne Cassidy

    My mom has been gone for years. She always had a smile & welcome for everyone. She had style supported by her weekly hair & nail appointment!

  53. Avatar
    Marilynn French

    My mom raised three kids as a Navy wife, often without my dad for months. She was alone when I came down with Polio in 1954 and she has always been my strength, especially when I had thought I had none left.

  54. Avatar
    Trish Lamourine

    My mother is the smartest, classiest woman I know. Every visit, every phone conversation makes me realize how lucky I am to have her in my life! Love you Mom!

  55. Avatar
    Deborah Panno

    Sadly, my mother wasn’t much of a role model. She was an unhappy and bitter woman who resented pretty much everyone. This doesn’t mean I didn’t love her and I stuck by her until the very end, which came too young from lung cancer. In her way though, she taught me what not to do, and, I believe, made me a much better mother to my sons than I would have been otherwise. Her impatience taught me patience, her temper taught me to relax, her accusations of impropriets taught me to trust, her judgements taught me acceptance. I am a better person because she was my mother and, I hope, a bitter mother to my boys.

  56. Avatar
    Doris Thompson

    I love this dress. I miss my Mom terribly. She was the rock of our family and the loving presence for all of us. Each one of us including all the grandchildren loved her dearly. She has been gone almost 4 years and sometimes it seems like forever but sometimes it feels like I just talked to her today.

  57. Avatar
    Laura Desper

    My mother is no longer with us and has been gone since September 1985, I still miss her every day. She would have loved Talbots. I’ve been shopping there for over 20 years and love all the clothes and especially the Rose dress.

  58. Avatar
    Rose Umland

    My mom was taken away by breast cancer 3 years ago. But the life lessons, and her love remain with me each and every day. Her way of making even simple things fun, her humor, her unconditional love, her sensitive and caring way for all people regardless of their difficulties or hurts, all made her an amazing role model and my very best friend. It would be fun to win this dress- she LOVED dresses, and looking pretty!

  59. Avatar
    Kelly Whalen

    My mom is wonderful! She is always there for me and my sister and dad! She never complains and helps us in anyway she can. I can always count on her no matter what.

  60. Avatar
    Madilynn Carroll

    I will be 65 in Oct. my Mom passed away when I was 27. I miss her every day. She was the rock of our family and planted the seeds in me from the time I was born to be the person I am now. I am so thankful she was my Mom.

  61. Avatar
    Tara Seeley

    My mother, who has been gone fourteen years now, loved bright colors, fun prints, rings and a different pair of earrings every day. She loved looking great, and kept her lipstick and nail polish fresh and pretty — she was the classiest first grade teacher in her school.

  62. Avatar
    Do Wa

    My mom once said she has not accomplished much in this life except that she raised 3 great kids. I could not argue with her!

  63. Avatar

    My mom is a loving, generous, honest, and caring human being. She would anyone in need, and doesn’t want anything in return. I am so honored to have her as my mother.

  64. Avatar
    Noemi Espínola

    My Mom pass away of cancer a year ago, I miss her so much, but I have wonderful memories about my Mom, she was a great woman, wife, mother and grandmother. I remember she always dressed beautiful dress, looked splendid, she was very beautiful.

  65. Avatar
    Barbara Gips

    My mom, Ann Thompson, mother of six, grandmother of 13. Was selectman (=mayor) of our town for 30 years. Just retired; whole town came to her party. Still on many other committees. Knits constantly; all sold with donations to cancer. Will do anything for anyone and raised us all the same. And, she’s blind. I don’t know any woman more remarkable than this 79 year old woman.

  66. Avatar
    Eunice Tanner

    I am a 67 year old mom of 2 and grandmother of 4. After losing my husband on 9/25/2011, I had 3 strokes and by the grace of God, I lived with my left side totally paralyzed. After receiving extensive speech, occupational, and physical therapy, I have gained use of my left arm and hand and my speech is normal. I can also walk now with a walker. After all my
    hard work this last year, I would love to win this dress!

  67. Avatar
    Linda Reedy

    My Mom is 86 years old and now depends on me to care for her….paybacks are wonderful!

  68. Avatar
    Margaret Mitchell

    My Mother is the most selfless and the sweetest woman I know. She always put my Daddy and her 3 daughters first. Even though she didn’t have a lot of clothes when we were growing up she always looked stylish and beautiful. She was and still is a very classy lady!

  69. Avatar
    Brenda Rakowski

    I am a Mom and a Meme, and when I was a daughter, I took care of my mom. As a Meme I have taken care of my grands. I love this dress!

  70. Avatar
    Susan Tucker

    My mom has always loved taking care of her family, and she still loves taking care of my dad.

  71. Avatar
    Liesel Dreisbach

    I can’t keep up with my nearly 89-year old mother. She went dashing off to the Netherlands this spring to see the tulips, is planning to visit Banff and Lake Louise with two young men she knows this summer, and is talking about a trip to Malawi in September. I only hope I have her curiosity and vim and vigor when I’m her age.

  72. Avatar

    My mother is really the only person that really understands me…we laugh hard, we cry hard and we have so much respect for each other.

  73. Avatar

    My mother loved her family more then anything, miss her everyday. She taught me that everything would always work out, and sure enough it usually does. I am the mother of 3 of the most amazing, beautiful, creative women, they are my pride and joy

  74. Avatar
    Joan Suders

    My daughter just had a baby 6 weeks ago and needs something to make her feel pretty. This would be just the thing.

  75. Avatar
    Judean Nixon

    Although my Mom has been gone for many years she still lives on in me as I try to pass down her eligance, wisdom and charm to my two daughters. She would have looked lovely in this dress and I would wear it proudly to honor her memory.

  76. Avatar
    Anne-Lisbeth Sebrell

    My mother is 91 and in a nursing home and her memory is failing, yet she still holds my picture in her hand before she goes to sleep every night. She is as loving as ever, and is deeply loved.

  77. Avatar

    I am turning 60 this year, when my Mom was in her 60’s she was battling cancer. She was one of the nicest people I ever knew. She never had a bad word to say about anyone. From my Mom, I learned to give compliments, to always be nice and to live life with no regrets. I am a blessed woman because of my Mom. (AND-I have recently lost 45 LBS, so could really use a cute summer frock!)

  78. Avatar

    With having recently lost my mother, I am realizing more and more everyday what she left me with in her legacy – her inspiration, her style in the way elegance in her dress, and her motivation in her drive in working to make your dreams come true. Love and miss her so much!

  79. Avatar

    My mom was simply amazing in so many ways. Too many to list in one sentence!

  80. Avatar
    Jan Price

    My mother is a lovely person, a beautiful spirit, and in every way an example of a very, very classy lady! Go mom! Teacher, Drummer, singer, life-enthusiast, Shining example of a giving person.

  81. Avatar
    Gretchen Freihofer

    My mom is my best friend and the one I admire the most. She has showed me that you can love someone unconditionally no matter what.

  82. Avatar

    After facing very difficult challenges in the past such as the loss of a child and grandchild, then more recently breast cancer, my Mom, now 90, has dementia but has retained her sweet personality!

  83. Avatar

    My mom has always been more of a friend, and I now realize she’s way cooler than me! Imagine being your daughter’s best friend through her rebellious teenage years! Now 30, I finally see how difficult that can be.

    ([email protected])

  84. Avatar
    Clare Roberts

    I live an ocean apart from my Mom, but she never complains about missing us even though I know she does.

  85. Avatar
    Karen Flanigan

    My mom-in-law is the quintessential Talbot’s woman. At 86, she exudes her caring attitude and wears me out with her schedule. We both love Talbots clothing – classic, fresh and flattering!

  86. Avatar
    VIkki P

    My Mother was a single parent of 4 back in the 1970’s. Not sure how she did it on minimum wage but she managed to raise us and instill morals and good behavior.
    We always knew she loved us.

  87. Avatar

    Thanks mom for the support and everything you’ve taught me. I am where I am today because of you. I’m entering this contest for you, because you deserve this amazing outfit for being an amazing mother.

  88. Avatar
    Kay Richardson

    Although my mother is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, she taught me so much about style, colors,good taste and compassion thru her work as the owner of a small fabric store in the 1960’s and 1970’s; her helpful ways in dealing with all her customers made her a favorite in the neighborhood for many years after her store closed

  89. Avatar
    Kathy Arel

    My mother raised 8 kids and we always came first, even my friends called her mom. She was one of a kind and is greatly missed. She would have loved this dress.

  90. Avatar

    My mom is amazing, the older we grow together, the better friends we become.

  91. Avatar
    Jill Johnson

    Growing up I always thought my mom was amazing. However, it wasn’t until I saw her with my own little girls that I understood how much unconditional love she gave to me.

  92. Avatar
    Lisa Thornton Whittaker

    My mom is a good sounding board for my crazy life. She supports me and encourages me in all I do.

  93. Avatar
    Virginia M. Snellings

    My Mother took great care of me and did not send me to Sunday School and Church on Sunday, She and my Day took all four of us. When I became a mother 59 years ago I did
    the same for m daughter and the 3 that followed. I am so thankful to this day I had a Mother that cared what would happen to me in the years that has followed. Thank you God for my mother.

  94. Avatar

    My mom is an amazing woman because she is able to still support me emotionally and be there for me even though she’s had to move to a nursing home exactly a year ago this month. We still spend quality time connecting. I am so grateful for her strength of character – she’s made friends and made do. It pains me to see her physically disabled, but her heart and mind are rock solid, and so is her love for me – as is my love for her. I’m thankful for that every day. And she knows it.

  95. Avatar
    Donna Redman

    The contact image on my cell phone for my mom is Wonder Woman, that says it all.

  96. Avatar

    Being raised by a single mom, we always celebrated her on Mother’s Day and Father’s day. She is always there for me.

  97. Avatar
    Carole Pucci

    My Mom just turned 97 and still makes me my favourite dish – gnocchi.

  98. Avatar
    Chau Janowski

    When my mom was still alive, I would always found any occasion to get for her a beautiful outfit from Talbots…. simply because she loved Talbots’ style and so do I!!!

  99. Avatar
    Shawnna Kellam

    My mother strived to take care of everyone no matter what. Even Fighting through breast cancer and leukemia, she always wanted to make life as good as possible for me when I was a child. My mother lost her battle, but she showed me what absolute and complete love truly is. I only wish she was here so I could show her how much I love her.

  100. Avatar
    Jill Sternquist

    My mother always told me not to let someone see you in the same dress twice! #classy

  101. Avatar

    My father left when I was 13, and my Mom raised me – best gift ever. I’ll love her to the day I die.

  102. Avatar

    My momma is one of the kindest souls on this earth and she can brighten a room with her smile!

  103. Avatar
    thea mcginnis

    My mom was an battlefield hospital US Army Nurse in WWII and volunteered to help patients who survived in one of the concentration camps as the war was ending. So she was liberating well before ‘women’s lib’. I and my sisters are all Talbots shoppers! The rose silhouette dress is a great choice since my mom was a ‘rose’ by any other name.

  104. Avatar
    Maura LaRocca

    My mom passed away last summer but left behind her sense of spirit and love for her family. We are all blessed to have had her in our lives. I miss her everyday.

  105. Avatar

    Followed on FB, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram…re-tweeted and re-pinned too!

  106. Avatar
    Emina Cenanovic

    My mom faced death of my oldest brother and so many balls including war that life has thrown at her and yet she never lost her sense of humor and zest for life. Love you mom.

  107. Avatar
    Karen Ann Kurlander

    Even though my mom is now in a wheelchair and in assisted living, she still calls to check up on me in between our visits — she’s still the protective mom making sure her little girl is all right!

  108. Avatar

    My mother’s family was her life! She lived for others all day, every day.

  109. Avatar
    Lori Halperin

    My mother has always been a strong woman. Even after the lose of brother 10 years ago, she remained upbeat and positive. She is a great role model for both me and my children. Along with everyone that knows her

  110. Avatar

    Whatever you are going through is just that, you’re going to get through it.
    Famous words spoken by my grandmother.

  111. Avatar

    My mother and grandmother were loving, patient, smart, strong women who both died with dignity and grace from breast cancer.

  112. Avatar
    Christine Libbey

    My mom is awesome because she always did whatever it took to make sure I had everything I needed.

  113. Avatar
    Carol Ramer

    My mother died 6 years ago, and I still think she was one of the best-dressed women I have ever known.

  114. Avatar

    Mom is the person who always listens, even when you are so upset, you aren’t making any sense

  115. Avatar
    Mary O'Neill Larsson

    My Mom is amazing! I didn’t always love her in my teen years, but in my twenties – she became my friend; in my thirties, as I became a Mom – my best friend; in my forties, I became her caregiver as she has Alzheimer;: in my fifties, I have continued as her caregiver and still love her to pieces. She is still wearing Talbot’s pieces because she always was a looker and I want her to continue to look as amazing as I know she was and is. I often miss my best friend but continue to catch glimpses of her even as she approaches the ripe old age of 89 years old!!

  116. Avatar

    My Mom always dressed to the nines! She taught me to always look my best. Talbots was her favorite store and she passed that on to me!

  117. Avatar

    My mother is my best friend – the one person I can tell everything to. And it amazes me when I realize that she has made so many sacrifices to help me and my sister achieve all that we have done so far, and continues to do. She has spent sleepless nights so that we could sleep, gone hungry so that we could eat, worked hard alongside my dad to ensure we had a roof over our head, and to make ends meet. I love my mother.

  118. Avatar

    My Mom taught me to always laugh, would love to win this dress, love it, thanks, for the giveaway!

  119. Avatar
    Natalie S.

    I’m 33 now and my mom is literally the most amazing prrson I have ever known.

  120. Avatar
    Bonita Anderson

    My mom is 86 years old, and we call her the bionic woman, because she’s had both knees and a shoulder replaced,- and she still has us over for dinner every week. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and is always looking for ways to help others.

  121. Avatar
    Becky H

    My mother is now 87 and has truly persevered through life’s trials with grace. She is a true southern lady and inspires me daily.

  122. Avatar
    Sara Hill

    I would love to show my mother what a selfish and beautiful mother she is I have been though some awful stuff over the last year, I Lost my finance in a terrible wreck a year ago next month, he had three children from a previous marriage and we had two boys together so then our family was broke up and I started hanging with a bad crowd of people and my mother is now raising my two boys. she should be enjoying her life at this time but instead she is doing my job as a mother to them and I would love to be able to show her how much I appreciate what all she has done for me and my boys

  123. Avatar

    My mother is a pioneer in her community and an inspiration to a lot of people, most especially my sister and me. 🙂

  124. Avatar
    Jude Hall

    my mom is amazing, she brought up 5 girls all by herself after my father died while working full-time as an RN, she taught me that always putting forth your best at whatever you are doing is the most important aspect of your life.

  125. Avatar
    Sharon Ritter

    My mom was the mother of eight. She was the kindest most caring person on earth. She loved with her heart and taught all of us to have compassion for others.

  126. Avatar
    Marilyn J

    My Mom is a wonderful mother! At 87 she still likes to fish with a cane pole and night crawlers! Love her!

  127. Avatar
    Karoline Stock

    The mother who inspires me most is my daughter! She is such a hard worker and does everything possible for her son. She is my inspiration!!

  128. Avatar
    Mary Gamache

    I purchased the red rose silhouette dress after my 30 pound weight loss. All of my clothes were size 10 and now I wear a size 6-petite perfectly. Now, I want the turquoise one, too, in a size 6.

  129. Avatar
    Beatriz Martinez

    My mom is a hands full, she is really something, always busy and she would love this dress!

  130. Avatar

    My Mom is a mom, grandma and great grandma with much love and has worked hard her whole life to provide for her family. I have had a great role model.

  131. Avatar
    Mchelle Z

    My mother’s philosophy is family, first it’s about her husband and children first, then herself!

  132. Avatar

    My mother is awesome. Dad was navy so she had a tough job!!! She is a wonderful strong woman and I love her dearly!!

  133. Avatar

    My Mother is fighting cancer and she loves Talbot’s. Thanks for giving this away….

  134. Avatar
    susanna suffield

    My mom is the most beautiful woman in the world for me,i hope to be just as graceful,funny and tolerant like she is. After having 6 kids you think she would have gone crazy with how much of a hard time we all gave her but she laughs at all the bad things we did and what we have confessed now that we are older and have kids of our own. Just to give u an idea of how bad we were some days we were teasing our brother and we would tell him that he was adopted and one day he runs to my mom and asks her if he’s really adopted. Well she laughs at him turns to all the girls and yells at us to stop teasing him and just leave him alone. But she never said no, so needless to say he bought it till he was an adult and his wife asks us if he was really adopted and we just couldn’t help but laugh so hard at him. We had all forgotten that we teased him horribly. My mom is such a saint to have raised us and by herself no less, I know I would have had the strength to do it all. Thanks mom! Your the best

  135. Avatar

    When my baby was born weeks early and much smaller than what we’d expected, my friend and mother figure, Marilyn, combed the stores for tiny onesies and pajamas and blankets, took them home and laundered them in baby detergent and then delivered them to us ready to use. She is so thoughtful and generous–a truly amazing woman.

  136. Avatar
    cathy j

    My mother is as sweet as pie on the outside and as tough as nails on the inside…cancer survivor!

  137. Avatar

    My mom has always been there for me and for all my friends. Even at 45, all my childhood friends still call her “mom” and talk about how much she meant to them as we were growing up. I count myself very lucky that she was actually my Mom and still enjoy spending time with her – including our frequent shopping trips to Talbots!

  138. Avatar
    Debbie Ciesla

    My mom is one of the most loving, kind, funny, person I know & she would look beautiful in this dress! oh did I mention beautiful too!

  139. Avatar
    Dorothy Foster

    Of Course everyone’s Mother is the Best. Mine passed away at age of 61. Still miss her.

  140. Avatar
    ER fouras

    My Mother was an inspirational and creative woman. She created fashions for my sister and I from the time we were very young girls until we were young women and out of college. She inspired us by her unwavering love even when faced with colon cancer and its many devastating and dehumanizing effects. She shared her love with many and enriched the lives of her grandchildren.

  141. Avatar
    Jeanie Markel

    My mother kept all 4 of us kids grounded and protected from our abusive father. When not cooking, she always kept a small, cast-iron skillet next to her just in case she needed it. She would sing lullabies to calm our chaotic nerves or bury us in a tub full of bath bubbles before dad would arrive home!! We felt safe in spite of our surroundings. My mother’s inner turmoil never reached us…she was our ‘rock’, and at 87 she still tries to protect us from life’s heartaches. She recently lost her first-born (my sister) and I now take comfort in helping her weather life’s personal storms that we all encounter.

  142. Avatar

    The woman I consider my “chosen mother” gave birth to 17 children over 25 years. She lived in a three bedroom house her husband built, in the middle of South Texas, where they lived as sharecroppers. She was the most loving person I have ever known, so gentle, so forgiving, so faithful to God and her family. For many others, the life she led would have been something to escape, but Santos cherished her children, her grandchildren, her friends, and her family. She only saw the best in people, even under the most trying circumstances. She loved gardening; she could grow anything in a coffee can. And she loved roses. Her kitchen was a collage of roses cut from magazines, taped haphazardly to the thin paint. She passed in 1996 and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her for her graciousness, her blessings, her faithfulness, and her unconditional love. KCB

  143. Avatar

    My mother is so hard working and such a humble and kind soul. I could have not asked for a better mother. She raised my brother and I without a husband on a very tight tight budget. She has worked so hard all her life to always provide for other and she doesn’t even do anything for herself. I admire her strengh and unconditional love to us. I am so blessed to have her. AS

  144. Avatar

    My mom is endlessly supportive, positive, and loving. And also listens like a friend, and is super fun to hang out with. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  145. Avatar

    My mother taught me to work hard and do my best no matter what. Then it didn’t matter what anyone thought, I could take pride in what I’d done. Keep me true to my best self. She wanted me to be cheerful and strong and be of service those who could not and take the guidance of truth and love of powers beyond my own. Every spring I plant flowers-her favorite thing was gardening-and think of her and the work that would manifest itself in beauty for everyone to enjoy.

  146. Avatar

    My mother raised 4 children with selfless love – she just gave us some
    of her jewelry so we could enjoy it – my favorite piece is an old indian squash! -Beautiful – thanks so much, MOM!

  147. Avatar
    Suzanne Balenko

    Would love to win this adorable dress. Shop at Talbots all the time.

  148. Avatar
    Kat S.

    I just lost my mom last year and she is still the most amazing cheerleader I have ever had. She was always there for me during my very sick childhood, constantly loving me and taking care of me. As I grew up, I was always amazed by her unfailing love. So blessed to have called her Mom.

  149. Avatar
    Suzanne Balenko

    My Mother is no longer with me but I remember how she taught me to dress with a lot of style. She was always fashionable no matter what the occasion. Very often with a hat and gloves. She passed on to me several pairs of cotton and leather gloves, both long and short. They are a wonderful reminder of the inspiration she was to me.

  150. Avatar

    My mom is awesome! She’s always doing something for someone besides herself and smiling and laughing the entire time!

  151. Avatar
    Sandy Eddy

    My Mom- selflessly caring for her family of six kids, alll college graduates now.
    We love you. You raised us well.

  152. Avatar
    Anita Patterson

    My 93-yr-old mother is a huge blessing with her love, comforting words and caring heart. Her mind is still good, so there are many times when she says things that help me so much. She has not just talked the talk, but walked the walk of devoting her life first to God, then to family. What she has done for my family can’t be wrapped in paper or a bow.

  153. Avatar

    My Mom is truly a blessing. Even though she was sick and end up in hospital, she can for her grandson graduation. Now that is a lady who puts family first.

  154. Avatar

    My Mom is truly a blessing. Even though she was sick and ended up in the hospital, she came for her grandson’s graduation. Now that is a lady who puts family first.

  155. Avatar
    Sophie DeChance

    My Mother is the most amazing caring person. She is there for me no matter the distance and the circumstances. She lives 12 timezones away, but she left her job and responsibilities to be with me and care for me after I had a trauma and couldn’t walk for 6 months. She is my guardian angel.

  156. Avatar
    Susan Hawes

    My Mother’s life was very difficult, she sacrificed so much for us -we never went without necessities, but she did for us

  157. Avatar

    My Mother and I both shopped at Talbots together and now it is just me shopping there. My daughter is too far away to shop together but we still shop at Talbots. Love this dress in the contest. It would look good on me or my daughter.

  158. Avatar

    My mother is the best – always there for any of us – kids, grandkids, great grand and other family members. Always thinking of others before herself. Love this contest. Thank you.

  159. Avatar

    I enjoyed reading the many tender and beautiful tributes to loving Mothers and Grandmothers above. Although I was not fortunate enough to have either a loving mother or stepmother in my daily life, I was blessed to have both my beloved Grandmother and Aunt as role models who defined the word “Mother.” Blessings to all Mothers out there!

  160. Avatar

    Mom – the strongest person I know. She was there for us when our dad couldn’t be. She is the one who believes that I can achieve more than I aspire to be! I always wonder how she instilled the sense of righteousness and courage in us, so smoothly.

  161. Avatar

    My mom taught me to be the strong career women I am today – that women can excel at anything they put their mind to and never to take “NO” for an answer. She supported women’s rights before it was fashionable yet she chose to stay home and raise a family. I thank my mother for the sacrifices she made and values she instilled in me.

  162. Avatar

    I would love to win this dress. Even my Mom loves Talbots. Very classy.


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