I love high heels. I love everything about them. From their design, to the shape, the texture, their ability to make me 5 inches taller (that is big when you are only 5’2″). What I detest about high heels is the cracked skin, blisters and burn marks they leave on my ankles, soles, and toes.  So I was overly thrilled when I discovered  on a recent trip to CVS in Hoboken, NJ (please keep your snickers to yourself).


As I reached for my favorite pair of  Christian Louboutin’s (Fontanete to be exact- see right), I hesitated just for a moment before feeling a sense of ease knowing my tootsies were protected by .  I can hear you wince now…my $785 shoes getting stained with oils and what nots from this miracle stick – in addition to the blood from my blisters (eww – Louboutin so didn’t make these beauties to be stained with blood). Wince no more! Footglide is made with all natural ingredients that are all hypoallergenic – no messy petroleum, mineral, vegetable, or other oils in this baby (and for the record – no bunnies were harmed in the making of this product either). And this pocket sized blessing smells JUST like Cherie Rose – my first Cabbage Patch Kid– a soft, baby powder scent that instantly brought me back to 1985…ahhh those were the days.

After a full day of chasing cabs in NYC, hiking up stairs in my apartment on the UWS (the elevator was out), running after my best friend’s one-year old –  all in 100% humidity – I am delighted to report that the dogs were silenced. My ankles didn’t feel like Freddy Krueger made a visit in my sleep, my feet didn’t throbe and ressemble Barney Rubble’s and my toes were free of dents and dings (wish I could say the same for my car!).

So get your dancing shoes on, your hiking boots laced and peep toe stilettos…ummm…peeping! You will be hurt free – no more chaffing, chapping or nasty blisters. No more “oww, oww, oww” peeling off your heels at the end of the day. No more shoes in hibernation as you wait for your injuries to repair. Wear it and wear it proud. will  have your heels and your heels singing “Hallelujia“!

Get a few sticks (one for home, one for the gym bag and one for the office) at for $7.99

PS did you know they ship for free – sweet!? Get on it…you can thank me later.

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  1. kate

    Thanks for the information!! I’m in so much pain with blister.. Thank you!!


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