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Tickets are virtually sold out…I got mine…did you?

Attention BATMAN ADDICTS, FANS and SUPERHEROS ALIKE…An exclusive and very limited (5 day) engagement of The Dork Knight is coming to Under St. Marks in NYC, starring famed comedic genius (and #1 Batman fan) Jason O’Connell. Get your tickets NOW, they are selling out fast. You can thank  me later!


Written and Performed by Jason O’Connell
Original direction by Terrence O’Brien
Produced by Eleanor Handley

March 19-23, 2013 @ Under St. Marks – 94 St. Marks Place
Tickets: $20 – CLICK to purchase and secure your seat at this groundbreaking show.

A look into one man’s obsession with movies about another man’s obsession with dressing up like a rodent and punching people, “The Dork Knight” shows how one’s “inner-geek” can guide and inspire in good times and bad.

“O’Connell’s autobiographical play keeps you glued to his life’s tumultuous journey driven by his Batman fixation. An adept storyteller, O’Connell seamlessly weaves in his own story with his unmistakable impersonations of the many actors who have played Batman, from Danny DeVito’s Penguin to Christian Bale in the recently released Christopher Nolan blockbuster, “The Dark Knight Rises.” With hilarious wit and comedic spin, O’Connell masters different personas with a rhythmic flow that builds to a captivating momentum.” – Abby Luby,

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