In my former world as a Beauty Publicist, I traveled the country in style…5 star restaurants…hotels that had names I couldn’t pronounce and perks that made working myself to the bone ‘almost’ ok. I have had my fair share of “top” massages at The Peninsula Beverly Hills, The W in Westwood, The Sagamore in South Beach, Hotel Za Za in Dallas…well – you get the idea. I have stretched out in spas…had massage therapists come to my hotel room…and been whisked away to private “gardens” during events to have the “masters” of the industry work their magical fingers to soothe my problem areas (Lord knows there are a ton of them!).

After all that – who would have thought that the best massage of my life, would happen right under my nose…in my own apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City.  I had heard through the industry grapevine about Dana Lavenmassage therapist to the stars, but never thought she would ever become my reality – or – that SHE LIVED RIGHT IN MY VERY BUILDING. But sure enough – in my clumsy way – I literally “bumped” right into her in my lobby – massage table in hand.

One week later, in the comfort of my 1-bedroom apartment “oasis”, music of my choice playing in the  background and Dana’s wonderfully vibrant and spiritually soothing persona by my side, I experienced the mecca of all massages. With hands that have touched some of my favorite celebrities – through some form of massage osmosis, I feel like now, I am an A-lister too. It was as if she had tuned into my muscles and they spoke softly to her “I hurt here…” as she tackled a mess of knots with the hand of a true professional – a 20 year professional. Her experience is evident upon introduction – she has a sense of wisdom about her…like she has the solution to world peace in her back pocket…it was immediately put into play once she worked her enchanted expertise on my weary limbs. Three days later I am still in an “aaaahhh” state of mind.

If you live in NYC, get yourself into an “aaahhh” state of mind too – Dana will come to your home for very reasonable rates…I promise you won’t be sorry!

Schedule an appointment for yourself – or buy a friend a gift certificate for the holidays by e-mailing Dana (prounounced Dah-nuh) dana.laven@gmail.com  – your mind, body and soul will thank you. Tell her Christabelle sent you…

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  1. wendy

    SHe is truly the best, SHE IS THE REAL STAR!
    She has worked on me for years and helped me manage pain, tension and psychic hurt.
    I cherish her gifts and can’t imagine who would not benefit from her talents and humanity.

  2. MB

    “the answer to world peace in her back pocket.” That truly describes Dana – she is one of a kind!

  3. HG

    Dana has ruined every vacation for me. No longer can I get a massage at a hotel or resort for one simple reason: regardless of how many “stars” the spa claims to have, no one can hold a candle to Dana and, thus, I simply don’t get massages while on vacation. They are too much of a disappointment or, as I always say to my wife, “I wish Dana was here!”

  4. Mara

    I met Dana over 10 years ago when we were both working at a spa in the Reebok Club on Columbus Ave. We became fast friends and began exchanging massages almost immediately. As a friend and therapist, she blew my mind! I’ve had complicated back and hip problems forever and Dana has been the only person with whom I have found relief. She is beyond gifted with her hands and I couldn’t have a truer friend…

  5. de Winter

    I got my first massage from Dana 17 years ago in NYC. It was the best massage I had ever had up to that point in my life. 17 years and countless massages later from high end spas, vacation resorts, etc., the best massages EVER have still come from Dana. I now live in Los Angeles, so don’t have the luxury of regular Dana massages.

    If the story ended there, it would be a wonderful one. Except, that as brilliant a massage therapist as Dana may be, her hands on healing skills pale in comparison to her courageous heart and glowing spirit. She cares about humanity, about people and animals. This isn’t in addition to doing massage, it’s part of what makes her so good at her craft.


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