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The Perfect Blush on ANY Skin Tone – Cargo Blush in Laguna, SRP $29.00

It is almost as hard as finding the right man to marry.  Finding the right blush for your skin tone.  With so much to choose from, even I, a seasoned Beauty Publicist, can be overwhelmed.  So, I can imagine what the rest of you feel like.  So many brands, so many shades, so many textures.  Don’t you sometimes want a professional to step in and make the decision for you?!? Yes, even I agree with that. Which is why, I did the asking for you…to my favorite Manhattan based Makeup Artist – Joping Keo.

What you have to understand first, is Joping Keo is stunning. This woman could make any supermodel question their own beauty. She always looks flawless (as I recall, even nine+ months preggers).  There is no questioning Joping’s talent as an artist, but she has also been blessed with a face that I could stare at for days – she looks like the perfect little doll.  Yes, I have a girl crush…and she knows it.  So when asked “Jo…how can I look like you? Your face always looks gorge and your cheeks are always flushed perfectly.”  Her response was, “Girl, you have to get THIS blush. It looks amazing on EVERYONE. Don’t shy away from what the color looks like in the pan. Used sparingly, it looks sinfully delicious on every skin color. And with your light eyes, I would even say to dust some on your eyelids.”

So, dear readers, I pass along this piece of beauty knowledge to you…from the woman who made ME look the perfect blushing doll in all of the photos on this site.

Look no further – the  perfect blush for any skin tone and a must-have in 2013, compliments of NYC Makeup Artist Joping KeoCargo Blush in Laguna. Happy Blushing!

Got more questions for Makeup Artist, Joping Keo? Give her a shout by clicking HERE.

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