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As a petite gal, it is an on-going challenge to find clothing that fits me, in all my nooks and crannies.  What fits in the waist is always long in the hips. What fits in the sleeves, gaps in the back. Sometimes the most simple of essentials are the hardest finds of them all.

To date, I have been on a pilgrimage to find the perfect tee (for the record the tees called “perfect tee” have been, for lack of better words, less than perfect for my 5’1″ frame).

Until today, when I stumbled upon the real “perfect” tee  (literally, it was thrown in the aisle and I stepped on it).  Old Navy has crafted what I can only describe as “the tee for me” and with a price tag of under $10 – I might have obsessed and bought 2 in every color (might have…wink-wink). The XS-P fits my every curve with an attractively snug fit (not look-at-my-boobs-poured-into-this-shirt tight). Cut perfectly to land just below my belt-line, this wonder-shirt kept its shape through a long day at work and even longer night of play. If this tee was my boyfriend, he just achieved the perfect spoon.

In a myriad of shades to choose,  from basics to bolds (Black Jack and White to Beach Cruiser Green and Tahiti Lagoon to name a few) and $7.50 price sticker attached, Old Navy Women’s Vintage-Style V-Neck Tees gets my #OBSESSED for today!

Old Navy Tee Collagesign off with lips FTC GUIDELINES BLURB 2013

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