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Alley Cat Trade – the freshest and most exclusive e-commerce shopping experience on the web

Though with the temperatures outside reading over 100 degrees in some states,  it sure feels like summer, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start preparing our fall wardrobes, right? RIGHT! Well, I uncovered the newest and most unique shopping destination which has exclusivity like no other. Gone are the days of showing up to the office and three other girls are wearing the same dress as you (ouch!).

Now, you can shop at AlleyCat Trade (@alleycattradeus) an e-commerce boutique featuring exclusive-to-the-U.S. designers from all over the world, pieces no gal will find at any other US boutique.

Joanna Scapa, a Los Angeles native and e-commerce superstar, created this unique one-stop shopping site featuring hard-to-find pieces from all around the globe. Growing up, Jo had the luxury of traveling the world and immediately understood the need to bring pieces from her most beloved overseas designers back home. It was then that Jo decided to build a place to house some of her favorite international designers and share those pieces with her friends back home. Joanna’s appreciation of foreign cultures and her desire to provide interesting and rare pieces has led to the creation of From chic baubles to the perfect ballet flat, Jo shares her traveled inspired fashion sense with her favorite AlleyCat gals.

The uber-chic e-tailer has created the next big thing on the net. With one click of your mouse (and sans your passport and aggressive airport searches) you can score pieces from Australia, London, Sweden and even France, all in one “trip.”



Seriously, ladies.  NNNOWWWW….

Some of my fave pieces if you need some inspiration:

Surface to Air: Vee Dress $504.00

Anniel: Ballerina Bluette Glitter $155.00

Iosselliani: Triangle Fringe Necklace $409.00

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