And you thought Starbucks was just for grabbing a latte…you definitely thought wrong.  Starbucks is now exclusively selling Cranium Party Playoff, the tournament game of wacky bracket-styling matchups!

Gather your peeps for some seriously comical strategizing as the world’s favorite things go head to head. Who-or what- will advance through the rounds and emerge as the Undisputed Champion? Who would you rather be stuck on an elevator with- Bigfoot or a Sumo Wrestler? Would you rather get a tattoo of Mr. Potato Head or a Chia Pet? Use your wits and powers of persuasion to convince other players your picks should rise through the ranks. As surprising places, people, actions and things advance toward the Undisputed Champion title, you’ll connect over comical alliances, spark memorable conversations and discover things about each other you never knew.

Cranium’s Party Playoff is perfect for four or more players, we strongly reccomend some tissues, tums and Disaranno Amaretto when you pull this board game out  (for the crying laughter, the belly flops and the coffee!).  Available for $19.99 at participating Starbucks stores nationwide.

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