We all know living in the big city is stressful…even living in the “not so big” city can make your muscles feel like you were hit by a truck going full speed.  In a perfect world, I would be suggesting to melt your tension away with a weekly full body massage. And then I woke up and realized that no matter how AMAZING a full body massage once or twice a week can be for your muscles, your wallet might feel a bit strangled. So, I went on a hunt to find a way to teach you all how to destress, relax, unwind and still have money in your bank account.

I remember being little and my dad having this little rolly-ball back massager thing he kept in the car.  Essentially, a bunch of wooden beads that rubbed into his back muscles as he drove.  Good concept…but probably not the place I would want to get a backrub – and way too much work for my liking!  My living room…now that is where I wouldn’t mind having a little rub down…and now I found an affordable way that you can.

I researched, located, purchased and FELL MADLY IN LOVE with the new Human Touch Back Massage Pad ($249). This device – which is consequently LESS than the price of just ONE full body massage – is a luxurious, top-of-the-line massage cushion, featuring an ergonomic ultra-slim design that fits almost any sofa or chair. Enjoy both extended quad-point rolling and kneading massages. The HT-1470 massage cushion reaches from your shoulders all the way to the lower back. Perfect for your computer chair, the kitchen table, the family room – hell, I even found a way to use it in the passenger side of the car (I can’t stress PASSENGER SIDE any more – this should not be used while driving!).  It is lightweight – easy to use and feels heavenly against your aches and pains.

The HT-1470 Back Massage Pad also has built-in heat function that adds to the massage and delivers more soothing comfort. Whether you want to enjoy just the heat by itself or a full heated massage; it’s all at your fingertips. Beyond providing welcome relief for sore, aching muscles, HT-1470 massage cushion delivers targeted massage that has been proven to reduce stress and increase blood flow – making it the ultimate accessory for your healthy, active lifestyle.   The HT 1470 has three 15-minute massage programs to suit your body’s needs and wants. Neck/shoulder relief, back refresh or lower back release are all at your disposal at a touch of a button.  Can you say AHHHH with me?

There is no exchanging or returning this gift – your biggest problem will be the fighting that happens trying to figure out whose turn it is to use it.  Now my feet have become envious so, my next adventure is to check out the Human Touch EQ-400 Equalizer Foot Pro Massager and give my toes a treat!

The Human Touch1470 Back Massage Pad (and all of their other INCREDIBLE products) can be purchased at discount direct from their website –

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