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Vday HIM

Orange Amp Custom iPhone case, $16
from aGoGoDesign on Etsy

It is February 2…and you have 12 full days to find the perfect gift for your special loved one…our top picks for HIM AND HER…EVERY DAY UNTIL D-DAY…I mean V-DAY!

FOR HIM: He might not be a rock star on the road, but he is YOUR rock star. Show him how much you dig his music and let him plug his iphone into this! A custom iPhone 4 case in the infamous Orange Guitar Amp design from aGoGoDesign on Etsy.

I Love You Even Though
You Fart In Your Sleep card, $3.25
by katndrewcards on Etsy

Yes, you will get brownie points (not as many for a REAL Orange amp), but your dude will be showing his buddies how cool his lady truly is.

Ladies, we know his towels on the bed and the toothpaste blobs in the sink drive you crazy, but THIS card will definitely let him know you are his for life…kat n drew cards on Etsy.

While you are on etsy – spin by our Vintage Shop…

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