When I was young and still had to be driven to school, I used to point out the cars on the road that I wanted when I grew up. Nine out of ten times, to my father’s dismay, it was BMW.  He would tell me over and over that I better get a good job out of college to afford my luxurious taste. Fast forward a few years and I did just that – got a great job out of college and bought myself a BMW.

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to love my Beamer (or Beamie as I affectionately call him), now I discovered that the BMW produces a breast cancer awareness Pink Ribbon Collection of products every year  where a portion of the profit directly supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Another reason to throw out some kudos to my fine German automobile making friends, as they are helping to fund breast cancer research, education, screening, treatment products and outreach programs worldwide. We heart you BMW!

Though BCA month is October, I felt it was important to post about these great finding now, as 1.3 million woman will be diagnosed this year worldwide (yes…my heart just dropped as well) with breast cancer and YOU can make a difference buy purchasing some of the kickin’ Pink Ribbon products BMW has created. From gym bags to jewelry rolls, t-shirts to luggage, you can actually see the amount your purchase donates to the cause. Love it!

My favorite of the bunch is the Workout Water Pack (SRP: $15)… those of you that know me (even just in passing) know I HATE TO WORKOUT, SWEAT, MOVE etc. But alas, I must keep up with my nature loving, hiking, biking, running, jumping, skiing, long legged guitar pickin’ boyfriend of four years. And that means the proper outfit and accessories…and definitely means something PINK…and helping to spread the message of BCA…even better!

This hot pink trimmed hip pouch has comparments for everything! Two zippered pockets hold my keys, money and lipgloss, the mesh and Velcro® tab pockets can hold my phat new Motorola Moto in purple, and my hot pink iPod nano. The middle pocket houses an aluminum drink bottle with PINK carabiner clip that holds 16 oz. of my favorite Crystal Light Fruit Punch to keep me quenched even on the toughest vertical climbs!

Check out the product selection and buy yourself and your best friend a gift that gives back (and looks super cute!).  Shop the BMW Pink Ribbon Collection by clicking HERE

Once you have made some perfectly pink purchases, check out the 12th Annual BMW Ultimate Dive and see when it is coming to a city near you! I will be checking this out on October 11 in NYC!  From the BMW website:

Support a great cause – with a great drive

Just get behind the wheel of a new vehicle of your choice in the BMW Ultimate Drive® supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure event. As a participant, you’ll find plenty of BMW models to test drive, such as the thrilling 3 Series Coupe, the sporty X3 SAV® and this year’s Signature Vehicle, the new and dynamic X6. For every mile you drive BMW will donate $1 on your behalf to Komen. In 2008 you can continue to make a difference by taking a test drive to help us reach our goal: donating a grand total of $12 million.

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