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We took the Dove Challenge…

Throughout the Christabelle office we have had many conversations in regards to how stressful our weeks can be. We’ve also had many a debate as to what we can define as ‘stressful’.  For example, our fearless leader, Christabelle, has to deal with the not so pretty side of owning a business (like a never ending line-up of meetings and presentations). While I myself, am trying to find the perfect balance between adjusting to work life while still having a personal life. So when we received our samples of Dove Clear Tone in the mail we knew immediately how we wanted to go about reviewing our new Pink Rosa antiperspirant.  We decided to put Dove Clear Tone to the test and see how it would hold up in comparison to each of our ‘stressful’  lives, Christabelle experiencing the stresses of a woman in her 30’s and myself experiencing the stresses of life in my 20’s.

New Dove Clear Tone Pink Rosa Antiperspirant/Deodorant is specially formulated with Calendula and Sunflower Seed extracts to help restore skin to its natural tone in just two weeks. In addition, Dove Clear Tone also offers Dove ¼ moisturizers and 48-hour odor and wetness protection. The new Pink Rosa scent is made up of floral and fruity notes of violet, rose and raspberry blossom.

Christabelle’s Week:
Monday:  5 hour back to back meetings
Tuesday:  Hosting a dinner party for 12
Wednesday:  Burlesque class/Dress fitting for an upcoming charity event
Thursday:  all day sponsorship opportunity meeting with her biz manager
Friday:  Charity Event…followed by a secret date with the “boy” she hearts that she doesn’t know I know about

The Results:
CC found that her New Dove Clear Tone managed to keep her dry in even the most stressful of situations. From her intense (and a wee bit intimidating) Burlesque class to her seemingly never ending meetings, she never had to worry about anything but being her amazing self. Even after Christabelle spent hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm for her guests (all from scratch, mind you – read her Thanksgiving post for proof), she never once had to worry about breaking a sweat. As for her dress-fitting, Dove Clear Tone didn’t leave any of those hideous white marks as she slipped in and out of designer frocks and left her feeling confident enough to raise her arms up and dance like the wild woman she truly is in her Herve Leger frock.

My Week:
Monday: Kickboxing class
Tuesday: Back to back press events
Wednesday: Project deadlines
Thursday: Blind-date
Friday: Lower East Side bar scene

The Results:

Even with all of the amazing support I receive from everyone at Christabelle’s there is still a certain level of apprehension to prove myself being that I am the “greenest” of the group. Dove Clear Tone kept me feeling fresh during some of my most nerve-wracking points of my week. From just barely making deadlines to keeping it cool during press events, I managed to keep that beautiful floral scent throughout my work days. Dove Clear Tone even managed to perform during my most stressful and anxiety producing moment of the week, the ominous blind date (eek!)! I was confident enough to go sleeveless thanks to Dove Clear Tone evening my skin tone after just four days of using it. I was most impressed with how Dove’s antiperspirant held up during both my kickboxing class and my time spent in some jam packed (and somewhat filthy) bars on the Lower East Side. I never had to worry about being the stinky girl in the room (but the bar itself could use some Dove Clear Tone…).

“I kept smelling something so yummy…I sniffed everyone around me, everything in my path, only to realize it was ME…I just wanted to sniff me all day.”
My favorite direct quote from Christabelle after using new Dove Clear Tone in Pink Rosa.

Get your Dove ON and tell us what you think…

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