I recall sitting at my Greek Orthodox Church in Tenafly, NJ – as a mini me – looking around at the spectacular artifacts and architecture wide eyed and in amazement. I didn’t (and still don’t) speak a lick of the language, so unfortunately, the 2 hour + liturgy went unheard and my eyes did all the listening. I imagined my wedding some day – walking down the mile long aisle, I admired the breathtaking mosaic artwork and the mysterious symbols that lived on the walls of the massive establishment. One of which was the Chi Rho (pronounced “He-Rho” in Greek).

Chi Rho Cuff in Rock This Town Brown – SRP $125.00

When I stumbled upon indie jewelery company Rock Your Religion, I was expecting to see large Madonna like crosses (circa 1985), rosary beads and other over-the-top religious icons. To my surprise, it was anything but.  Rock Your Religion offers an array of artistically creative, and tastefully made Crosses, Stars of David – Peace Signs and CHI RHOS!  Yes, I was really excited to see the familiar sign, but even more excited to learn the meaning behind those enigmatic symbols from my childhood visits to church.

A symbol of Christ,  made up of the Greek letters X and P, Chi Rho is a good luck charm with an ancient history dating back to 312AD. That year,  Emperor Constantine had a vision of the Chi Rho symbol in the sky accompanied by the Greek words ‘En Touto Nika,’ which means ‘In This Sign, You Will Conquer.’  And now, in 2008, it has been transformed into cutting edge accessories, thanks in part to Maria and Barbara Serbes – the mother/daughter dynamo team behind the Rock Your Religion vision.

Howie D’s Chi Rho Pendant to benefit Lupus SRP $35

My favorite item, worn in conjunction with my blue-eye bead (Mati), makes me feel a little bit like a modern day Wonder Woman (and people have noted my uncanny resemblance to Linda Carter time and time again) – ready to fight off evil and let goodness conquer all, but with a rock star edge. The Unisex Chi Rho Cuff in Rock This Town Brown
(SRP $125), made of saddle brown Italian leather and silver studded to perfection, has made a permanent home on my left wrist (by choice – as this does come with a buckle to remove it, but who would want to?).  With it’s delicate blend of edgy rock and heartfelt meaning, I feel empowered wearing this kickin’ cuff. And I am not the only one!  Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Backstreet Boy Howie D have all been spotted sporting the Chi Rho from Rock Your Religion too!  In fact, Howie D has even collaborated with the Company to create a Chi Rho pendant to benefit the Dorough Lupus Foundation (in memory of his late sister, who died of the disease a few years ago).

I have a renewed sense of hope wearing my Chi Rho – “EFKARISTOU” (thank you in Greek) Serbes family – for marrying inspiration and faith with charity, fashion and ingenuity! Outstanding…

The Chi Rho cuff, pendant and other religious symbols can be purchased at www.RockYourReligion.com and select retailers, including Stitch Boutique in Sarasota, Fla.

Now GO ROCK YOUR RELIGION…quick – before they sell out. Ella, ella…

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  1. M-J

    Thanks for the insightful bit of history about Emperor Constantine’s vision, Christina. People who wear the cuff need to know the significance of Chi Rho. I’ve been to your old Greek Orthodox church in Tenafly NJ, for a wedding–it is beautiful. I’ll visit the Serbes family’s site.

  2. Tyler

    I love this brand… So much that I am an intern with them!! They are a great team and have amazing ideas. I own the Chi Rho Mania Pendant (not the new Howie pendant) and two cuffs from them.. and I wear one (or sometimes two :p) a day!! They look awesome and I’ve gotten so many compliments about them… Rock on!


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