I bit the bullet…I couldn’t wait any longer. My trip to Punta Cana for RiriBelle’s wedding is just a mere three months away and that means my bathing suit (which I have politely been ignoring for the last 6 months).  Ignore no more, I joined Weight Watchers online just one month ago and have already lost 10 pounds. Overjoyed…to say the very least, so I want to post a blog to help those who are on the same vision quest – achieve success with some yummy foods that have kept me going. My top FIVE snacks with 2 or less points:

  1. The Laughing Cow ($3.49) – this yummy treat carries a mere 1 point value to it (for one wedge) – eat it alone, dipped on a celery stalk or smeared on a WW Bagel (add on 2 more points). It is satisfying and delicious.
  2. Susan Rice, Charlie’s Truffled Popcorn ($8.99) –  this 2 point value air-popped popcorn is made from the finest white corn and sprinkled with Black Périgord Truffles, the most expensive French truffles, and Summer Truffles. Yummo!
  3. Whole Wheat Fig Newtons ($4.99) – 2 delicious cookies = 2 points. They are all the yum and not all of the points as the original Fig Newtons.
  4. Sugar Free Popsicle ($3.79) – cherry, grape & orange – NADA POINTS for ONE POP. Need I say more?
  5. Green Giant Baby Carrots ($1.99) – Ho, Ho, Ho – the green giant knows NO POINTS are in these orange treats (1 cup).

Happy weight loss!

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